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Hower H3: in flight without the letter V

Hower DW i, the vehicle frame with rigid connection of the front axle, new heir of the SUV Haval h2. We launched it in flight with our test springboard. See tenacious?


After the jump the new h2 with a height of 22 cm is left a double sense. On the one hand none of the letters had not strode down is already an achievement for a car Chinese-Russian production. And on the other hand, nothing fell off, despite the fact that the 150-horsepower gasoline engine is such a badass all the time eager to fight, straining chassis.

Across felt that a Hower h2 wants to threaten the laurels of UAZ Patriot. However, for the success he clearly lacks reasonable prices and the recognition of those who still remembers the letter V in his name.

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