Hyperloop One tested in vacuum new type of transport

The tests took place at test site DevLoop in the Nevada desert.

The company Hyperloop One has posted a video of the first successful test of all the systems of a new kind of high speed transport in a vacuum.

During the tests inside the pipe was created by high vacuum, and under these conditions, special truck for 5.3 seconds kept on the canvas inside the pipe and moved solely by the power of electromagnetic radiation.
It is reported that the truck has reached the acceleration 2G, showed a maximum speed of 70 mph (in 112.6 km/h), which was in line with test plans.

Also, One Hyperloop unveiled a prototype of the capsule KHR-1, which will move the trolley inside the pipe. The capsule is made from aluminum and polymer composite materials, its length is 28 feet (8.5 meters).

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