Hyundai Accent: All the best!

PRini Hyundai Accent even though he was a long time best-selling market, moving its brand to unprecedented heights in the sales rankings, but in fact, did not Shine with anything special. Neat, but average and not very memorable appearance, equipment is not poor, but not exceeding, for example, Logan. But the price before the crisis was Oh what a tasty.
You can choose from seven colors: Phantom Black, Urban Gray, Platinum Silver, Polar White, Marina Blue, Sunset Orange and Fiery Red (pictured). In the future range plan to expand.

Now, with the new generation, all diametrically overturned. The car was distinctive, dynamic look with spectacular optics. In picking so many benefits that reading list, I initially thought – if I was not mistaken, looking casually in the price of the Elantra? The top version of Elegance showers us before the unthinkable gifts. The key can be put in a pocket and forget about it: the doors are unlocked using the keys on the handles, start button. Electric heating all (!) seats, steering, injector washer, and the full area of the windshield – what you need for the upcoming cold weather. Rear Parking sensors complete with rear vision camera, and depict the dynamic guides when relaying the helm – with an Arsenal and a beginner could easily Park the car. A great media system with a decent by the standards of the class sound and very rich functionality: allows for the connection of a smartphone and an Internet connection and an excellent navigation knows the passages through the winding of the Kiev courts. Lights with powerful linzovannaya optics Shine not worse than xenon and are able to illuminate the corners. And the machine is now a modern six – speed.

When viewed from the front or in profile to recognize in this car the Accent easy. But in perspective, three quarters back it’s like Elantra in miniature. By the way, the difference in length between the two Hyundai – 165 mm. To make it clearer: your mobile – 140 mm.

Except, as you already guessed, this generosity is not disinterested: Accent fully loaded is estimated at 521 300 hryvnia. However! For the money, and even cheaper to take a decent European model with class and in a good vehicle – Ford Focus or Skoda Octavia. Yes there are over half a million it is already possible to buy a Nissan Qashqai! And even the most simple Accent for the 370 100 hryvnia only 20 thousand cheaper than the same Focus. What is so should he win the heart of the buyer?

Hard plastic doesn’t create the feeling cheap. All in impeccable build quality and great ergonomics. The center console is deployed to the driver. A hint of that Accent now more than ever before, driver’s car?

The Emphasis is not special in character, but to win he knows how. He is unassuming comfortable as your favorite jeans, and everything in it is tailored to be discreet but seductive charm. Excellent seat – without explicitly sweeps but hold as necessary and allow time to choose the right fit. Plastic everywhere a simple and rigid, but the texture he’s pretty to look at, and the panels fit almost perfectly – only the lining left center pillar something occasionally creaked on major road bumps. Keys, levers, krutilki climate encouraging skillful arrangement and tactile sensations.

Devices – in Elantra. Read perfect. In the trip computer menu you can among other things configure the number of flashes of the indicator in push mode: three, five or sevenimage Quality with rear camera perfect, especially at the top-end seven-inch display. On the simpler versions of the five-inch display, but even at its markup of the dynamicNavigator impresses with nice graphics and knowledge of domestic drives and media system as a whole – fast response. However, to scale the image with two fingers like on a smartphone, notthe Driver’s power window – with auto mode. Keys now modern. In the first Accent, and they with guts gave the age of the machineAdjustment of a lumbar emphasis there, but the profile of the chair a good. The seat is stiffer than the first-generation machine – but the difference is barely perceptibleincrease of 30 mm wheelbase helped to win 25 mm for the knees of rear passengers, but I didn’t feel much of a difference. But head over to the place a bit. Not everyone is tall passenger will be able to comfortably sit with a straight back. In the top versions, there is a third headrest. Two-stage heated rear seats – offer, so far unique in the class. But if the front is heated cushion and backrest, rear – only pillowAll without exception versions put full-size spare wheel on a steel disc with tire dimension 185/65 R15boot capacity added to ten liters and is 480 liters. The gap was considerably wider: run a tape measure from the old machine to the new one, I counted an increase from 150 to 200 mm depending on the measuring points. By the way, the top Accents got the function of automatic trunk opening: it is only necessary to approach the locked car with key in pocket

And the new Accent rides where a thoroughbred than its predecessor, and even better than standing much higher in the line of Elantra. it is configured by far better and is endowed with a distinct effort. The motor in asset 123 HP – medium-sized and rather lightweight sedan this head is enough for a brisk start and a good reserve thrust for overtaking. Wins a six-speed automatic smooth shifting and decent responsiveness – configure it, please clear the majority of drivers and certainly will please passengers. However, too active driving it encourages and begins to fall into a reverie.

Chrome bezel grille – the prerogative of the top version of Elegance. Headlamps projector-type with led strip running lights and unique to the segment function static backlight turns too.

But it is vain to require of sporting ambitions of the car, the credo of which is practicality. Including in relation to your finances: city consumption is 7.5 liters per “hundred” – an excellent result. In addition, if we consider that the Emphasis on legally 92-th gasoline.

The downside is this car is really hard to find. I would mention harsh suspension (but what to want from In-class?) and a weak insulation wheel arches: road noise in the cabin too much, despite the fact that the engine can be barely heard. In addition, another class of costs – the cramped rear seats: three adults here are very uncomfortable, and even the installation of the child seat I needed to move forward the front passenger seat. On the other hand, Focus mentioned above the class is not much more spacious.

Hyundai Accent in new generation has gained a lot of advantages and get rid of almost all their earlier faults. It is a cozy and balanced car with smooth and unobtrusive nature. And its strong advantages in the comfort of daily use can justify a very high price.

Thank you for providing the test car company “Hyundai Motor Ukraine”.


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