Hyundai Santa Fe-2019: it is new as it seems?

E, of course, had to submit to the people at the planetarium. But there was probably employed graphic demonstration of the stars and planets figured out. Therefore, the new Hyundai Santa Fe was the Ukrainians at the National Opera. Is also a symbolic place, and yet I could have picked this crossover more intimate soundtrack. Let take body, solemnly and threateningly! Look at the new Santa Fe in person. Well, as here without a body?

A spirit by the name of Intrado

It would seem that it was possible to get used to. Remember the Intrado concept four years ago and the serial Kona, manifested the world in the past year. However, both for the full effect obviously lacked dimensions: whether Schwarzenegger weight 60 kilo, who would have approved him for the role of Terminator? The body of the Intrado had only three doors, and Kona, though the five-door, the essence is In the crossover class. By the way, he has not yet reached Ukraine. So Santa Fe is the first full-size carrier of the spirit of Intrado, who came to us. And weight he more than enough – from 1820 kg and above, and the relevant dimensions: the crossover has stretched in length by as much as 7 cm, and six of these were attributable to the lengthening wheelbase. Breadth Santa Fe came just a centimeter, but in amount sufficient to incorporate in it the spirit.

The upper narrow headlight Santa Fe – not lights, and running lights. Lights start below, about the middle of the impressive nose.

It is expressed primarily in the frontal illumination multi-storey. Of course, this Hyundai is not one such clever. With multi-compound and compound, stretched on the vertical axis optics experimented and Nissan, and Jeep, and even Citroen – purkua would not PA? But only when looking at Santa Fe in ears somehow starts to sound body. Another reason to make sure that Peter Schreyer –
really a great composer. Forms, of course. And not in vain, he was born in the birthplace of Wagner. You have already understood that the upper narrow headlight Santa Fe – not lights, and running lights. Lights start below, approximately in the middle of an impressive nose, and ready to Shine near and far led light in all facilities, except for basic Family. In this way, there are no repeaters in the mirrors. And get LED lights only in the top two trim levels, Prestige and the Top – such is the dissonance.

Pie ordered?

Salon top version meets great materials and sturdy build. And something like a layer cake – don’t you think?
The new digital instrument cluster was not able to completely get rid of the arrows. Making change with the change of the driving mode. Above the glove box and found a shelf for gadgets or small things. And
with rubberized Mat! On the console you can now find the button seat ventilation, and at the bottom it appeared a platform for wireless charging of the smartphone.

When you open the door for a new Santa Fe, you will be surprised again. And not the cold high-tech style, which would seem logical to continue. Everything is exactly the opposite: it seems that he was in a comfortable room smelling of homemade pies kitchen. Dashboard is, in fact, reminiscent of the most pie, flaky and soft. In the two upper trim panel and nearly all the interior, leather is really artificial. But the materials are good, and the build quality of the cabin of the test car, no complaints did not cause. High class!

In favor of the rear passengers feet went almost all the additional 65 mm, which increased the wheelbase. Before it was not crowded, and now space!

Led lights is a digital dashboard; such is the luck from the new Santa Fe. In the equipment as the Prestige and Top the four living arrows basic tidy come… three live hands. Because the digital panel has a screen only in the middle part, and on the sides it is framed by the familiar analog gauges: tachometer, fuel level and temperature.

Top Top

Santa Fe was not only quieter, but also more comfortable: surely they were affected by the change of position of the rear shock absorbers are now mounted vertically.

What’s the unique charm of top-end configuration Top? First of all, in all-wheel drive, which is there by default. And yet – in chairs, wheel disks and set of auxiliary electronics. The driver’s seat, and already very comfortable in top-end configuration received electric retractable support for the hips, as well as the ventilation system. It is the same, but at the same time and electric adjustment position in picking Top boasts a front passenger seat.

Led lights with 3D effect very nice, but only available in the top two trim levels Prestige and Top.

Drives the top-end Santa Fe – 19-inch. Unavailable but buyers of cheaper versions of the electronic bells and whistles – is primarily a system of automatic Parking (parallel and perpendicular), head-up display and cameras of the circular review. A system of retention in their band. Don’t expect miracles from it on a winding road, but on a direct Santa Fe holds on to his lane pretty hard.
In addition, two upper set appeared warning system… forgotten in the back seat passengers. First of all, about children, of course. Do not rush to turn the finger to his temple and remember the school teacher with her rhetorical “and you head home remember?!”. With our pace of life long forgotten about anything and about anyone. Moreover, to work for the new Santa Fe have long and bitterly: top of the range crossover SUV with a 2.2-liter diesel engine is estimated at 1 534 800 UAH! Of course, you can get this motor in combination with front-wheel drive and 6-speed mechanical for 1 022 000 is the starting price of the car, but then you have to leave behind an impressive piece of technical innovations “Santa”. And it’s not just about electronics.

Popular mechanics

The new Santa Fe is built on the platform of its predecessor, however, modernizirovanniy. Length crossover increased by 7 cm and the wheelbase is 6 and a half. Now in the back row, and had not smushable the tightness, the sheer expanse.

The engines remained the same; the presented gasoline engine of 2.4 liters (188 HP) and diesel 2.2 liters (200 HP). The latter, according to representatives of Hyundai, now complies with Euro 6. It is not clear how he managed to pull this off without the deterioration accelerating dynamics – despite the fact that the rookie up, almost on two centners.

The rear part of the crossover looks less futuristic than the front. The designers decided not to go too far?

Moreover, judging by the passport data, it became even better: now Santa Fe with this engine and all-wheel drive accelerates to a hundred in 0.2 seconds faster from 9.4 to 9.6 with off against predecessor. The manufacturer explains this mystery features a new 8-speed automatic. The box was demonstrated to me quite fast and at the same time smooth, absolutely transparent switch. House design by Hyundai, but with a gasoline engine it is incongruous – a 2.4-liter engine is put only 6-speed automatic transmission. “Stick” with him will not get, even if you want to. As a more affordable front-wheel-drive: all petrol versions in our country exclusively all-wheel drive.

Obedient and quiet

And whether or not to abandon all-wheel drive system in our parts? Moreover, it has also changed the coupling connection of the rear axle was completely electric and not electro-hydraulic as in the previous “Santa”. And she knows how much more reasonable to measure the thrust, based on the selected driving mode – Yes, the new Santa Fe allows them to choose. So, in economy mode, the front drive mostly in comfort on the rear axle can take up to 35% thrust, and the sport it gets to 50%. Light off-road all-wheel drive crossover is given effortlessly, and climb into the heavy will not allow any ground clearance (185 mm) or curb weight (from 1830 to 1955 kg, depending on equipment).

Rack impressive 625 l equipped with a secret stash underground and electrically foldable rear seats.

Road manners Santa Fe is much prettier. He became noticeably quieter and more comfortable on uneven – impact upgrade rear suspension in which the shock absorbers was in a vertical position. On motion the wheel of this more substantial the car responds quicker predecessor, the electric power is moved on the rail. The only thing you need to get used to – it’s to change efforts on the steering wheel in the Smart mode. New driving mode offers maximum adaptation to the driving style, so the wheel is poured by weight, depending on how famously you have passed the previous lap.

We can safely say that the new Hyundai Santa Fe has grown considerably over itself in almost all consumer qualities, reaching up to Japanese rivals. And this fact, of course, is reflected in the price, which also grew significantly. And could it be otherwise?


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