Hyundai will release a new electric vehicle with a stock speed 470 km

Elektromobil Hyundai Kona appear in purdah with two different propulsion systems to choose from.

Companies are increasingly beginning to produce cars with electric or hybrid propulsion in the pursuit of environmental friendliness and economy. So, Hyundai is offering the new electric crossover, Hyundai Kona with two different powerplants, which have different power and range.

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In the basic version of Kona will receive an Electric motor with a capacity of 133 HP and maximum torque of 395 Nm. Battery capacity is 39.2 kW/h will allow the crossover to go on a single charge up to 300 miles on a new worldwide harmonized test procedure for light vehicles (WLTP), which is considered more accurate in dimensions than the outgoing NEDC.

More powerful Hyundai Electric Kona is the engine power to 201 power and the same torque of 395 Nm. A more powerful 64 kWh battery enables you to drive up to 470 kilometers from charging to charging.

To charge a smaller battery will need a little more than six hours, and most will charge as much as ten from the mains. But Hyundai offers a system of fast charging battery with a capacity of 100 kW, which can charge any battery up to 80% in just 54 minutes.

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To hundred kilometres per hour Kona Electric will accelerate in 9.3 seconds in the first case. and in 7.6 in the second. The maximum speed of both crossovers are the same – 176 km/h.

Korean developers emphasize that a more powerful battery will affect the size of the cabin. But the charger, which is quite logical, will take part of the space in the trunk. And 373 litre empty Luggage compartment turns into 332.

Externally electric Kona different from the usual. But not essential. Here a new 17-inch alloy wheels, cloth grille, new front bumper with improved aerodynamics and a roof spoiler. Silver rapids – a distinctive feature of the electric crossover.

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In the salon you can find seven-inch digital instrument cluster and electrically front seats with heating, ventilation and adjustable lumbar support. All this will help the owner of the crossover to overcome even the worst road.

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