I debuted Jaguar-PACE surpassing Tesla in the market

World premiere of the first electric cars of the brand went live with the broadcast to the whole world.

The official debut of the Jaguar crossover I-PACE was held in the Austrian city of Graz. And now it’s safe to say that the first electric car brand will be a worthy competitor to the Tesla Model X, which he already demonstrated on the race track. But, in addition, the reserve crossover is 480 km, which is an excellent indicator of electric models.

Jaguar I-PACE features 4 682 mm long, 2011 – 1565 mm width and – height, and the wheelbase is 2990 mm with a total weight of 2,133 tons. The weight is evenly distributed on the axles of the electric vehicle with electric motors rated at 200 HP each. the engines are fed from a block of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 90 kW/hours. acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h is 4.8 seconds and a top speed limited to 200 km/h.

The time to recharge to 80% within 40 min at a power of 100 kW. The company focuses on the fact that to charge the car fast enough and the batteries do not lose capacity even at a temperature of -40 degrees.

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Suspension in the Jaguar I-PACE the usual crossovers brand: double wishbone and memorycache back. On the rear axle you can install air springs for an additional fee. Will be available and optional adaptive suspension, Adaptive Dynamics, adjusts rigidity under road conditions.

The interior is made in traditional terms, and is very reminiscent of the crossover E-Pace with the changes. In electrocreaser installed multimedia system with navigation is a new generation that appreciates the topography of the route and remembers the details of your travel and is able to analyze the driving style of the owner. By collecting this information, the electronics calculates the remaining battery capacity to overcome the route. Such algorithms work by adjusting the settings of the electronics and climate, multimedia system under the driver’s preference.

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In fact, it runs artificial intelligence. He analyzes and modes of motion, weather, time of day and the itinerary, on the basis of data which will be able to prepare for the movement, for example, include a heated steering wheel or seats. Plus the machine can determine the approaching driver in advance (on the keyfob or a Bluetooth signal from a smartphone) and in accordance with this prepare: set the climate control on, the chair.

Space in a compact Jaguar I-PACE enough. For the rear passengers has left the whole of 890 millimeters, and the absence of a Central tunnel adds 10.5 liters of useful volume in the cabin. The design of the electric vehicle allows you to add and niches for storage. So under the rear row has compartments for storing tablets and laptops. The Luggage compartment was altogether a record amount in 656 litres (1453 l maximum) and an additional trunk (27l) under the hood.

Developed I-PACE in the UK and production will establish at the Austrian factory in Graz in the framework of the partnership for Jaguar Land Rover that Magna Steyr. The emergence of electric cars on the market can be expected mid-year in the four options of trim levels: S, SE, HSE and First Edition. Prices will be announced closer to start of sales.

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