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I will turn/twist through solid?

In the rules of the road indicate that the driver is obliged to know and comply with traffic regulations, traffic signals, signs and markings. And like everyone knows about the prohibition to cross a continuous line separating the traffic flows, however, sometimes do not act according to the rules.

Let me remind you again that the horizontal layout (namely, it is applied on the road), which divides transport streams of opposite directions, is of two kinds. This is the markup of 1.1 and 1.3. First to apply on two-lane roads, the second — on the roads with four and more strips in both directions (so-called double solid). It is not necessary to forget about a temporary marking, which is applied during maintenance. And such a solid orange color. It is also impossible to cross. This tells us the Appendix №2 to the Rules of the road.

What happens if you turn around or turn left across a solid line?

Judge for yourself, the Code of administrative offences stipulates liability for such a maneuver. Moreover, the severity of the punishment depends on the conditions of maneuver. So, if you immediately turned left, or turned around, then I will punish you according to part 2 of article 12.16 of the administrative code (a fine of from one thousand to fifteen thousand rubles). If before the turn or reversal for some time drove on the wrong side, it’s part 4 of article 12.15 of the administrative code and a fine of five thousand or disqualification for a term from four to six months. Caught again for a similar offense (within a year after the first) will remain without the rights for a year. And when fixing the camera, will receive a “chain letter” of the five thousand. Crossed over the line, going round the obstacle? In this case, will punish you as regards 3 articles 12.15 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation — a fine of from one thousand to one and a half.

As you can see, the penalties are quite serious. And not in the punishment, in principle, the case. Is it worth it to endanger myself and other drivers? I’m sure not. Such trickery can cause a head-on collision, because the drivers of oncoming cars don’t expect such maneuver.

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