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In an accident involving a minibus and a passenger car were injured 14 people

The accident occurred early in the morning in the Kuzbass, two injured in a road traffic accident are in serious condition.

Today around 8 a.m. on the 21st kilometer of the highway Kemerovo — Alikaeva — Starozhilovo faced Hyundai Solaris and minibus Louis, in which there were employees of the nursing home for the elderly and disabled.

The accident, according to preliminary data, has occurred from-for departure of the car into oncoming traffic, said traffic police GU MVD of Russia across the Kemerovo region.

According to police, the accident injured 16 people — both vehicle drivers and 14 passengers in the van. The people were quickly taken to a local hospital where it was found that two people are in serious condition, 10 in the state of moderate severity, and another two with minor injuries sent home.

At the scene worked rescuers Kemerovo fire rescue garrison of the Ministry of emergency situations, for liquidation of consequences of the incident attracted 40 people and 7 pieces of equipment. Police establish details of the accident and degree of fault of each of the drivers.

The Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev promised to provide the victims with financial assistance.

  • With the onset of winter and, as a result, adverse weather conditions, accidents involving public transport has increased. Recently, at the end of November in Tyumen faced truck and bus, were injured 14 people.
  • A powerful snowfall, which led to the formation of ice, caused massive accidents in Vladivostok, the traffic was paralyzed.

Photo: press service GU MVD of Russia across the Kemerovo region

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