In Cherkassy will begin to release two models of large buses

Today in Kyiv took place the premiere of new models of buses, which soon will begin to produce PJSC “Cherkassy Bus” under the brand Ataman. Moreover, the model range will be supplemented by a 9.5-meter Ataman A140, and 12-meter city Isuzu Citiport.PJSC “Cherkassy Bus” is known in Ukraine and abroad thanks to its 8-meter buses Ataman A092 and A093. This plant, formerly part of the Corporation “Bogdan”, the first in Ukraine has mastered the production of the legendary “minibus” Bogdan A091. As previously reported by our source, in 2011 the company is an independent policy and develops its own brand “ATAMAN”, though fairly successfully.

“Cherkasskiy autobus” purchased new equipment for the production
“Cherkasskiy autobus” celebrates the 50th anniversary

In 2013-2014, Ataman has repeatedly been the leader of the Ukrainian bus market, and in 2016 the first in Ukraine has mastered the production of buses of Euro-5 standard. A model of urban 8-meter bus Ataman A092H6 has become the most popular among carriers. It gradually replaces the old Bogdan A091 on routes in many cities. The plant was also the first to market and unique gas versions of Shuttle buses Ataman A092G6.

All these years, “Cherkasy Bus” made a bet on cooperation with the Japanese company Isuzu. The engines and chassis of this brand has allowed Ukrainian producers to gain a reputation as the carriers.

In Kiev began to work the bus Ataman of the new generation
In Kiev on a route delivered the first batch of new buses, АТАМАN А092Н6 (EURO 5)

The next step “Cherkasy Bus” was the launch of a unique model of a school bus Ataman A093S4. Unlike most competitors, this is the bus which is adapted for safe transportation of not only healthy children, but two children in wheelchairs.

But if the segment of 8-meter buses of small class Ataman already a recognized authority in higher classes Cherkasy plant is yet to gain recognition of the carriers. For this reason, “Cherkasy Bus” did not invent a “Bicycle” and found partners who also work with the brand Isuzu. In cooperation with the Turkish company Anadolu Automotive, Isuzu Corporation and trading house Itochu “Cherkassy Bus” will now release and the 10-and 12-metre buses, which will complement the model range of the Ukrainian producer. .

A new model of the Ukrainian city bus Ataman A140 today debuted already in the design from the Ukrainian manufacturer, and is decorated with the emblems of the Ataman. Although in fact is only slightly modified Turkish Isuzu bus Citibus, manufactured by the company Anadolu.

But thanks to this Alliance, “Cherkasy Bus” saves development time, gets a well-developed design and support Isuzu. The Ukrainian company will make a new body model A140, complete interior and chassis and engine to from partners.

In December Ataman A140 will go for certification and it will begin to offer carriers. The 9.5-meter bus is designed for 74 passengers, while 17 of them will be located on the seats. Ataman A140 equipped with a 204-horsepower Isuzu engine Euro 5 (possible option and Euro 6), it has semi-low-floor layout, 3 automatic doors, and already adapted for the carriage of passengers in wheelchairs. The optional automatic transmission, air conditioning and a variety of Seating options.

The following model, which is scheduled to release in Cherkassy, will be the city’s 12-meter bus Isuzu Cityport. It is also the development of the Turkish Anadolu Automotive, which partners kindly share with the Ukrainian enterprise. Citiport has a 100% low floor, convenient interior layout and is designed for 106 passengers.

In picking modern system of climate control with cooled and heated seats for the carriage of wheelchairs, ramp, cameras, etc. Isuzu Citiport is equipped with engines from Cummins in the performance of Euro-5 (289 HP..) or Euro 6 (220 HP) and ZF automatic transmission. As reported by our source, the head of the Supervisory Board of PJSC “Cherkassy Bus” Alexander Dorosh and launch the production of 12-meter long bus under the brand Ataman is planned for 2018.

“We have to move on and offer consumers not only the 8-metre buses, but the following classes, 10 -, and 12-meter. The market already demands, our customers asked, and began to update the parks. Therefore, the “Cherkassy Bus” and goes in this segment. But we are going in this niche do not do as well with our partners: Isuzu, Anadolu and Itochu, offering the optimum solution for our customers” – said Alexander Dorosh.

Besides buses, the company also intends to develop the direction of the truck, the Assembly of which is organized in Cherkassy. Also in the plans and the active promotion of the Ukrainian market of Isuzu pickups.

In Cherkassy for 50 years doing bus

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