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In Europe with a radar detector? You can end up in jail!

Going to Europe by car, many drivers mindful of local control over the observance of traffic rules, take radar detectors, but in vain! In many countries the use of such devices is prohibited.

Almost any path to Europe lies through Belarus and Poland. It is curious that in Belarus radar detectors consider useful devices, and in Poland for transportation enabled device will have to pay a fine. Unconcerned about radar detectors in Albania, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, according to the company Neoline, which has compiled a visual infographic for Russian tourists.

In the Scandinavian countries, radar detectors don’t just disable, but remove away: in Sweden and Denmark these devices is prohibited, for their use you will be fined and the device confiscated in Sweden can also imprison. In Finland just fine, and in Norway they are allowed, but with a few restrictions.

In the Baltic States to purchase a radar detector, but if the police find the appliance in the car, it will withdraw and will issue a fine. Therefore, even when entering the country, the Estonian border guards interested in having a device in your car.

In Austria and Germany for the use of the device will have to pay a fine and give the device, and in France and Switzerland, if the police find the car radar detector, say goodbye have not only with him but also with the car.

  • Log driving” conducted a big test of radar detectors, which identified strengths and weaknesses of different models.
  • Via Yandex.Market we made the top of the cars, which often have interested buyers-motorists in 2016. Radar detectors took the second place.
  • Radar detectors are often confused with radar detectors, although it is a fundamentally different device. Radar detectors create interference, causing the operation of the cameras and thus confusing the device, their use is prohibited everywhere, including us. A radar detector is a passive device: in fact, it is tuned to the desired frequency of the radio. How the device works, says our author in the publication “the Main questions and answers”.

Photo: “Behind the wheel”

Infographics: Neoline

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