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In Hong Kong stopped selling the Tesla

Sales of Tesla in Hong Kong came to a standstill after power on 1 April of this year abolished tax incentives for electric vehicles.

This publication reports The Wall Street Journal.
So, from April, in Hong Kong there was not a single Tesla electric car after the beginning of this month was cancelled tax incentives for the registration of electric vehicles. In may purchased a total of five cars Tesla.
“Hong Kong is one of the most important markets and we continue here to sell Tesla cars in each quarter. The government’s decision to abolish tax breaks on electric cars increased their value almost 100%. Therefore, a sharp drop in demand was expected, the first response to innovation,” – said in the company Tesla.
Note that the first quarter of this year was for the American manufacturer of electric cars, the best period in global sales — has sold 25 thousand cars. In the second quarter worldwide sales fell to 22 thousand copies.

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