In Kharkov chose the winner of the high-speed slalom races

The organizers are pleased with the results.

In Kharkov took place the first stage of high-speed car slalom. For the victory competed participants from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy and Dnieper. Three times the competition was postponed due to bad weather.

As reported in the story Jada, the winner became the champion of Ukraine Kiev Maksim Evdokimov. “I’m in training and the first races it was hard to choose the right strategy. True, there were fast sections. All. Excellent site. Interesting. I was like,” he said.

While in the team competition the winners were Kharkov racers. “Everything went great. Without any hitches. We met exactly on time. We got 12 winners. Among them three girls. And, in General, we are ready for the next steps”, – said the organizer of the competition Alexey Besedin.

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Three stages of the national series on a high-speed slalom races will be held in June, July and August. One of the stages will be night. Race format the slalom races allows you to play on one track and a modern hot hatchbacks, and representatives of the Soviet autoclassica.

Video settings Kharkov passed competitions on road slalom

Ukrainian drivers are real aces. But how else? From childhood they are trained to go around the pits and craters on the roads. And best masters of this discipline – have gathered in Kharkov. There was a fabulous competition on road slalom.


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