In Kiev presented the technique to the farmers for AGROFORUM-2017

This week in Kyiv hosted a regular agricultural exhibition AGROFORUM-2017, which featured many exhibits, interesting including and the farmers. Our source correspondents found interesting models. The high number of vehicles and visitors at the exhibition pleased after a series of disastrous events, “ICB” was able to plunge into the atmosphere of “life and technology”. The event was marked by a number of new products in the segment of equipment for farmers and other segments.

So, two new own production company has presented Egritech. Namely, combination-grain and reloader.

Train created on the basis of MAZ ear (Euro 5), body type and trailer – own production. What share of domestic producers is so large that the trailer is included in the list of products subject to a 20 percent state compensation.

Body volume is 22 cubic metres, the volume of the trailer is 24 cubic meters In connection with toughening of rules of transportation of heavy loads, the designers have focused on how to best facilitate construction. The result payload road trains can reach 23.5 tons.

The company Egritech is able to create the same train on almost any chassis. And the cost of train on chassis MAZ is about 2 757 500 UAH.

Egritech presented in Kiev new solutions for farmers

The second novelty of the company – reloader, developed in collaboration with British specialists. According to the company, the use of such hopper allows up to 30% increase efficiency: reduce downtime of the harvester, not to setremoveall the soil, use it in high humidity conditions.

The speed of unloading of the hopper – 6 cubic meters per minute.

The company produces various models of bins 16, 20, 30 and 40 cubic meters. m. Price – from 500 thousand UAH. (for 16-cubic model) to 1.1 million UAH.

Not without agricultural innovations and IVECO. In particular, the stand of the Plant “Tekhkomplekt” is presented in 4-ton 6-CC mini-grain chassis IVECO Daily 72-150. The machine is equipped with 3-liter turbodiesel producing 150 HP.

Its cost, thanks to the installation of the body in Ukraine (own production “Tekhkomplekt”) is 42,000 euros.

The AMACO introduced 35-180 four-wheel drive IVECO Daily 4×4 crew cab for 6 people and a cargo compartment of the van. This car will be used for repair crews.

The company Agsolco a wide range of equipment in various segments. Miniloaders, and chassis – all of which can find use among farmers. However, the most “agricultural” technique was, of course, YTO tractor, authorized dealer which is a company.

In particular, the presented model YTO MF454 (45 HP) and YTO Х804 (80 HP), which are increasingly proving to be in the area of utilities.

By the way, told reporters Director of the company Roman Osadchy, this year there is almost a 4-fold increase in the sales of tractors YTO.

Agsolco presented comprehensive solutions for municipal and agro segments

In the model range of tractors YTO presented on the Ukrainian market company Agsolco – 4 basic model. The main competitor MTZ – 80-horsepower model at a comparable cost of $26 thousand already equipped with air conditioning, air suspension, enhanced brakes and so on.

A wide range of vehicles for farmers introduced the “AIS”. They include the dump truck on the basis of ГазонNext, dump truck based on the MAZ cornet, the upgraded all-wheel drive Sobol, Niwa and a number of Cars.

AIS introduced new products for industry, construction and agriculture

Some grain MAZ “ear” for the period of the exhibition turned into sand spreaders:

MAZ made a bid for special equipment of Ukrainian production

There at the exhibition and the different types of trucks, which with some imagination could be applied to farms:

And even motorcycles:

On other items of cargo and machinery, presented in the fall, read our detailed reports.

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