In Minsk gallery of custom motorcycles Yuri Shifa

Motorcycle winter sounds like an oxymoron. With one amendment — if we are not talking about bikes Minsk Customizer Yuri Shifa that exist seem to be out of season and time. Tuesday, December 26, at the Galleria Minsk, will open a gallery, and motorcycles can be viewed live.This year the Studio Yuri Shifa, which began at upland, was 15 years old. Behind a lot of cool contests and competitions. A couple of years ago in Germany at the exhibition, his team collected the motorcycle, called Ducky (did you know that each custom Shifa mandatory gets the name?). The German audience, something Yes motorcycle know anything about art to appreciate the skill and gave the victory to the Belarusian, who fought, for a moment, with one of the best kastomayzerov Deuchland.
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