In November, Ukraine set a record for the market of imported used cars

As reported by our source, in November, a record in operations with imported cars in Ukraine. During the month the number of transactions with b-trucks reached the level of 9.8 per thousand, which is 10% higher than the previous month.Highest volume of transactions with imported used cars accounted for passenger vehicles, reports our source. These cars in November on the Ukrainian market came to 6.5 million units, which is almost 800 more than in October. It is significant that this volume has become commensurate with the market for new cars. In November, failed to realize the 7.4 thousand pieces.

On the second place in popularity among peregonschikov – light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes for November They arrived at the Ukrainian market from 2.3 thousand pieces. Heavier trucks with GVW over 3.5 t also showed growth. Only one month has increased by nearly 1 million units.

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In fact, used imports in November slumped to a new “limit” is 10,000 pieces per month. In our source, note that we are talking about legally imported vehicles, and these figures do not include import cars on avtonomera.

If the used car market has seen a steady increase in sales, the market for new cars in November demonstrated the first “minus”. Sales of new cars fell by 0.14%, while sales of heavy trucks started to slow down.

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Import of used cars had begun not only to influence but also to slow down the new car market in Ukraine. In the following months the effect will be even more noticeable.

For the first 11 months of 2017, the domestic market of Ukraine has already received 52 thousand units of used vehicles. This volume is less than volume of sales of new passenger cars, which, according to our source, over the same period was 71.4 per thousand. But in the segment of trucks and LCVs used cars u already dominiert. Their sales exceed the sale of new trucks at times.

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At the same time, such a strong increase in fresh imports of used cars slowed down and a segment of resale cars in the domestic market. Here we are talking about those cars that have already been in Ukraine. In autumn, many car owners faced difficulties in the implementation of its b-car. According to experts, indeed, to sell b-auto registration of Ukrainian in the autumn months became more complicated, but the situation differed depending on price segments. Where Ukrainian car registration directly depends on the price tag svezheotformovannykh car, the market froze.

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