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In Russia became less to buy diesel cars

The share of sales of these machines in the first half fell to 7%. The most popular car that is often bought with a diesel engine, remains a Land Cruiser Prado.

Six months from the beginning of the year were sold in Russia 47,1 thousand new diesel passenger cars, which is 4.4% less than in the same period of last year (49.3 thousand units), according to the Agency “AUTOSTAT”. In the first half of the Russian car market grew by 7%, and the share of diesel cars has dropped from 7.9 to 7.1 percent.

Top most popular cars, which are bought with diesel engines in the first half of the year were: Land Cruiser Prado — 4.3 thousand pieces (which is 4% lower than a year earlier), Renault Duster — 3,2 thousand units (+22%), Toyota Land Cruiser — 3,1 thousand units (-27%), BMW X5 — 2,5 thousand units(+1%) and X6 — 1,8 thousand units (+30%).

  • Is the wave of disilicate has come to Russia? Indeed, in Europe, diesels have long called for the boycott and even call in a hurry to abandon the car on heavy fuel.
  • About all the intricacies of diesel engines and emerging issues, read the material “Soot and crap.”
  • As for desligada, the investigators, there is evidence of a possible cartel agreements with global producers in terms of production of cars with diesel engines. Discussed at these secret meetings was about how to reduce costs in the manufacture of cars with such engines to meet the environmental requirements of Euro-5 and Euro-6.

Photo: “Behind the wheel”

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