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In Sweden built a revolutionary Parking stereotypes about Parking lots

Garage visit, even tourists, to explore the conceptual building.

In Sweden built a concept car Parking. It serves as a garage for 228 cars, it’s also a place for sports, meetings of youth and recreation for children. In addition, there is an observation deck. The building itself is decorated with wooden panels and combines the skillful use of landscapes and modern architecture.

Innovation Park is located in Central piteå, and it has become a favorite place for family holiday, writes ProfiDom.

Multi-function garage that got the name Stadsberget, consists of two parts. The first is a building with glass walls that wrapped in wooden columns. By night it is illuminated from all sides and resembles a huge lantern. This structure is adjacent to a slope with terraces. Terraces connected by a staircase and the whole structure resembles a canvas that slides down. In summer you can walk, and in winter children sledding.

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Functional space Stadsberget is located near the Park and the Church and develops this series related sites. The building draws attention and becomes a new focus for lost hikers, skiers and romantics.

The project of the car Park of the XXI century have developed a Union of the Danish-Swedish architects. For this it was necessary to build slope to fill a utilitarian object is a simple function. As a result of trivial components has developed a multi-level puzzle, which gained the attention of the townspeople.

Recall that in California put up for sale a “smart” garage with supercars. The building area of 650 square meters is located on expensive land in Malibu, California. The approximate cost of the garage without cars – 10 million dollars.

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