In Sweden the driverless full-sized electric truck

Innovative truck called the T-Pod has created a Swedish startup Einride.

Einride T-Pod is a transport chassis for electric range, supplied with a set of sensors and control electronics. Above the level of the chassis is located a solid loading platform.

With a length of 7 m new holds 15 standard pallets. Control truck manages the autopilot system, but the commands it receives remotely from the operator, sitting in the office far away from roads. T-Pod is equipped with lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 200 kWh, the range on a single charge is 200 km away.

As notes a press-service of the company, the prototype of the T-Pod is only an element of an integrated transport system, design engineers Einride. This includes the development of necessary infrastructure, remote control systems, the design of charging stations.
By 2020, Einride plans to build 200 trucks T-Pod. Annually they will carry up to two million pallets. Worked the route until one — göteborg-Helsingborg. But at high demand, the company expressed its willingness to quickly arrange and other routes.

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