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In the car drunk, the culprits are two accidents found the baby

In Moscow suburbs employees of traffic police detained the drunk woman that got into two accidents. In the car with her was a year-old baby.Khlynov Alexander

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The car is arrested a 32-year-old narushitelnitsa arrested a 32-year-old failing to comply

The first clash was committed by a woman in the yard of the house on the street Sports in the suburban Dolgoprudny. Driving Honda Accord car, she caught up and crashed into the rider in front of the car. Instead of having to wait for the police at the scene of an accident or make an accident according to the europrotocol, the driver simply fled the scene. The arriving police according to the description received from another party to the accident and witnesses established the identity of the violator, it was a local 32-year-old resident, and declared the plan-interception.

The car with the suspect was quickly discovered, but the woman was not going to stop on request of police officers and made another collision with the rider in front of her car, after which he was arrested.

Then it turned out that the woman is in a state of alcoholic intoxication, and in the front passenger seat of her car in a child seat has been detected year-old boy, the son of the violator. The police immediately handed over the child to his relatives.

“Police established that the lawbreaker was previously subjected to administrative punishment under article 12.26 of the code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation “Failure by driver of the vehicle the requirement to undergo medical examination for intoxication”. The ill-minded woman the measure of restraint in the form of subscriptions on parole and good behavior,” — said the head of the press service GU MVD of Russia Moscow region Tatyana Petrova.

In relation to a drunk mother, sat down behind the wheel and headed in with a baby, was composed of three protocols: under article 12.26 of the administrative code “Failure by driver of the vehicle the requirement to undergo medical examination for intoxication”, article 12.27 of the administrative code “Failure to comply with obligations in connection with a traffic accident” and article 5.35 of the administrative code “Failure to fulfill parental responsibilities for the maintenance and education of minors”. In addition, against violators are prosecuted.

“The investigation Department of the police division, G. O. Dolgoprudny against women, committed on the eve of the clash with two cars, a criminal case under article 264.1 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation “Violation of traffic rules by a person subjected to administrative punishment.” The sanction of this article prescribes the maximum punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to two years”, — said Tatyana Petrova.

To explain his behavior detainee could not or did not want.

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