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In the case of races on a G-wagon has a new helper

He appeared to the investigator, according to GU MVD of Moscow. All this time 20-year-old Muscovite was hiding with relatives in the North Caucasus.

During the investigation of the incident, the police knew the offenders had five, one of the defendants immediately moved to relatives in the South of Russia and was declared the Federal wanted list. The police even went on a business trip to the house where he, according to intelligence data, hiding, but did not find him at the scene, reports RIA Novosti. Field investigators managed to convince the suspect’s relatives that he had better surrender voluntarily, and it is July 10 still arrived in Moscow and presented himself for investigation.

The role of this person in a controversial incident is not that harmless. As previously wrote the newspaper this participant said in the interrogation in 2016 himself Ruslan Shamsuarov, who said that the broadcast of the race on the Periscope led Magician (Mohammed, Tamarashvili), moreover, it was he who persuaded young people to gamble.

  • We will remind, scandalous ride young people took place on 22 may 2016. Young people are a powerful SUV a few hours easily evaded persecution by the police, in flagrant violation of traffic rules. The piquancy of the situation was that they were live broadcasting on the Internet. Since then much has happened: Shamsuarov and Uskov was sentenced for insulting police officers to the 300 hours of obligatory works, and each took his punishment, madzhidov was acquitted, but Scorcher never stopped and even prosecuted for traffic violations.
  • Participant racing Mara, whose life was deprived of the license after the systematic traffic violations and nonpayment of fines. During the trial it turned out that the girl suffers from epilepsy and her condition driving.
  • Physical evidence — Mercedes Gelenvagen was removed by the owner in favor of the state.

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