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In the Nissan I see no reason to stick with diesel engines

The company will gradually change the diesel model on the updated electric counterparts.

Many automakers continue to defend the position of the diesel engines, but the global eco-trends are pushing the inhabitants to buy electric cars, hybrids or gasoline cars. Accordingly, Nissan has stated that it will gradually cease production of diesel engines and replace them with electric cars.

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Europe has approved a new fines and strict control over the emissions of diesel cars

The company understands that it is impossible in one moment to abandon the car on diesel, but I think that it is inevitable, according to Motor1.

In Europe Nissan sells such diesel model: Micra, Pulsar, Juke, Qashqai, X-Trail and a small commercial line of cars. All of them gradually will be replaced by electrified ones.

The group is guided by the fact that because of the scandal surrounding Volkswagen in Europe has introduced a number of restrictions on the diesels, and customers began to buy cars on alternative fuels.

In 2017 the sales of diesel cars in the 15 largest European countries accounted for nearly 50 percent of all new sales. From the beginning of 2018, the demand for diesel engines in markets such as Britain, have fallen sharply. Analysts predict that the total drop in sales of diesel fuel in 2018 will be comparable with the 2017 year.

Recall that over the rehabilitation of the diesel engine is Bosch. Its engineers say they have created a “panacea” for diesel vehicles. New technology from Bosch will probably reduce the amount of emissions from diesel cars.

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