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In Tomsk the fire truck rammed the bus

The accident injured 16 people, among them two children.Elena Alekseeva

Today in Tomsk, Avenue of the World faced the fire truck Ural and a Shuttle bus the GROOVE. The crash also involved a car taxi Nissan.

The car went on alert with flashing lights and sirens, and the bus followed the route number 14. When PAZ turned, crashed into the car of the fire service. Why the accident happened is unclear, most likely, the bus driver for some reason missed the fire truck.

At the time of the accident in the bus there were 16 people, among them two children, 14 people were hospitalized in emergency hospital, two of them are in a state of moderate severity. Two more were assisted in place, hospitalization they refused.

At the scene worked six ambulance teams, and one for intensive care.

  • Also today, the tunnel to the street people’s Militia in Moscow burned the car.

The bus can not be restored.

Photo: GU the Ministry of emergency situations of the Tomsk region and Vkontakte

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