In Toyota predicted the date of death of the internal combustion engine

Pon to the top Manager, global manufacturers understand that the global requirements for the amount of harmful emissions will continue to be tightened, and the mass transition to electric cars will finally kill the engines that run on gasoline and diesel fuel.
Toyota Prius Prime

“We expect that by 2050, CO2 emissions from vehicles will be reduced by 90 percent compared to the figure of 2010. To achieve this, with 2040 global automakers no longer produce ordinary cars with internal combustion engines. Conveyors will be producing only electric cars and hybrids,” said Kuzumaki.

Toyota is the leader in sales of “green” cars – and its share is 43 percent of the global market. In this model, the Prius, the total circulation of which has exceeded 11 million, is the best-selling hybrid in the world. And the most popular electric car is the Nissan Leaf — 50,000 annually.

Earlier it was reported that Toyota and Mazda join forces in the creation of electric vehicles. In addition, several major countries announced the abandonment of cars with internal combustion engines, in particular France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Toyota and Mazda will work together to produce electric cars

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