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In Ukraine, a record, a growing truck market

Sales of commercial vehicles in February increased by 105% in comparison with pre-crisis times.

In Ukraine actively acquiring commercial vehicles, namely trucks. The increase in sales for February of 2018 showed the unprecedented and exceeded the numbers that were at this time in 20134 year, according АutoConsalting.

Judging by the beginning of the year, the growth dynamics will continue to gain momentum. That will have a positive impact on the operators of the market of trucks. Moreover, Ukrainian entrepreneurs are moving away from purchasing cars and prefer trucks IVECO.

Similar qualitative changes were the result of last year’s work on adaptation chassis IVECO under various special needs. This technique focus and public companies and municipalities.

The most active rivalry began in the segment of heavy equipment. The leaders had escaped Mercedes-Benz ahead of MAZ, which in January held the first position. Third place went to three manufacturers: KrAZ, KAMAZ and MAN.

In sum, according to estimates of truck sales in all categories in February was the MAZ with a score of 27%, Mercedes-Benz fell behind by only a few percent to 24%, and in third place was the IVECO.

The sales figures for 2 months of 2018, the truck market of Ukraine increased by 60%. In terms of sales traders are already at the level of 2009.

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