In Ukraine brought the cheapest car in the world

As reported by our source in the Ukraine for certification have already arrived the cheapest car in the world the Indian brand Bajaj. Formally, Bajaj Qute is not car, and ATV with closed body and 4 seats. These features allow it to fit into current standards on ecology and to enter the market with unprecedented price. It is expected that he will ask less than $4000.

As previously reported by our source, length Qute — 2752 mm, width is 1312 mm, height — 1650 mm. Quadruple “chariot” equipped with a single cylinder gasoline engine power 13.5 HP Maximum speed — 70 km/h. the Mass of 399 kg. fuel Consumption of approximately 3 l/100 km. transmission is five-speed “sequentially”.

Have Bajaj Qute and the trunk is 44 years, plus behind the seat also has a small compartment. Qute is equipped with door locks, seat belts for passengers and driver. The body is a steel monocoque. No air conditioning
only a fan.

Of course, this little car – not the ultimate dream of the consumer, especially in the presence of an alternative in the form of used cars or the same car on the “euromarch”. This risk is in conversation with our source and recognize in a company-importer, but I believe that the demand for the most affordable car on the market will still be. Buyers see the “merchants” that spetsializiruyutsya on the deliveries of small goods or as a transport for courier services.

The final price tag of Bajaj Qute in Ukraine have not yet been announced, but it is clear that it will be the lowest price in the market.

P. S. How can you not remember the “Tavria”, which was going on, but in the last years of production, she asked for $2500-2800, and “Slavuta” was on the market at a price of $3000. Don’t know how to appreciate their cars, then we buy Bajaj Quto.

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