In Ukraine launched a new bus Ruta units Ford Transit

PJSC “Plant “Chasovoyarskiy buses” (chasov Yar, Donetsk region), known in Ukraine on the bus “Ruta” on the chassis “Gazelles” has developed a new bus model. Now popular “bus” Ruta will be based on units and Ford Transit. The first model of the Ruta Ford introduced today in Kiev, informs our source.

City bus “Ruta” has a 24+1 seats, two automatic doors and a cabin with a high roof where you can stand upright. The body of the “Ruta Ford” is made on frame technology, has glued glass and equipped with an additional heater.

Bus based on Ford Transit “Plant “Chasovoyarskiy buses” were developed long ago, but the catalyst was the presidential decree on introduction of sanctions against several companies from Russia. In the sanctions list includes the Russian “GAS” for units which chasovoyarskiy the company built buses for more than 20 years.

Now, in addition to traditional chassis “Gazelles” chasovoyarskiy plant was forced to find a new supplier and components for its buses. He was Ford in the face official distributor in Ukraine of company “winner imports”.

Now a new bus waiting for certification, testing and launch into production.

How did the buses in the city of chasiv Yar. A report from the factory

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