In Ukraine strategic road-a phantom, which is completely broken

Local threatening to block several roads of national importance.

In Ukraine there is a way, which I do not even know the officials, but it is strategically important.

We are talking about a stretch of road near the village of New Znamenka Poltava region. For 25 years there was not a single repair. The reason the road is completely belongs to no one, according to a story GEDA on the channel “2+2”.

The locals, of course, outraged by the condition of the road did not hide his dissatisfaction with the inaction of the authorities. “I looked at the Donbass, where after the war a lot better way” – tell the local.

Kilometer an important transport in Poltava region have turned to mud. “At the moment this road is strategic. Here is a lot of businesses. This and the Kremenchug refinery, waste treatment plant, which performs cleaning processes for all Kremenchug”, – said the MP.

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Hundreds of drivers each day of the crawl at the speed of a turtle from one well to another. With options bus drivers are not. They travel day and night to repair. “The road does not sleep. Six flights are doing. And then the owner of all night repairs,” shared the driver.

In the village Council explained that all the fault of the road service in Poltava region. “Somewhere lost part of the road. Because there were many reorganizations. I can not understand”, – said the Deputy head of the village Nina Oricine.

Residents showdown between officials of tired, so they are preparing to block several roads of national importance.

Video settings the village of Novaya Znamenka is not repaired the road for 25 years

The ability to turn the asphalt to the water – nothing. This magic is inherent in the majority of Ukrainian roads. And by the way, where there’s lots of potholes filled with water, stretch and stretch for mile after mile? Phantom road on the map, but which have no idea in the government offices.


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