“Indecent proposal”. Put up for auction a Ferrari with a provocative photo

On eBay there was an announcement about selling a Ferrari with an attached mysterious photos from the car

Well-known world website auction sale there was a Ferrari 360 Modena Giallo, who has already scored 49 in cost of 640 thousand dollars. And anything unusual about this car is not present, the usual for this model V8 engine capacity of 3.6 liters and a power of 400 HP Even historically he has no outstanding owners. With mileage 78 thousand kilometers, he has replaced nine of the owners.

The seller indicates that the Ferrari is equipped with a automatic transmission with clutch and Japanese exhaust system. No special review. But this time the yellow sport car shown special attention to the users and even the press.

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Just the owner was a creative guy and together with photos of the exterior of the car put up photos of the cabin, or rather the helm, with part of the girl’s head, obviously not casually leaning.

The publication made the rounds on social networks, where users have already begun to comment on the situation: “It comes with the machine?”, “A deep and husky – it’s not just the sound of a Ferrari engine”, “do you think seven photos will help to sell Opel?” and other versions in the same spirit. Some have suggested that she was leaning over the phone.

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In any case, the scandalous photos allows the owner to drive up the price of your car more and more.

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