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Infiniti designers have hit on an alternative history

A popular genre of fiction inspired team of stylists Infiniti to build a car from the distant past, the Japanese premium brand, which it actually is not. The result will show at the next contest of elegance at pebble beach.

Nissan premium brand Infiniti is his record since 1989, and yet cannot appeal to the rich historical heritage. Similar problem have with brands Acura and Lexus, which has existed since 1986 and 1989 respectively. Meanwhile, European luxury brands constantly rests it on his deep roots and traditions, and this attracted many buyers. At Infiniti decided that since they have their own autoligand like “silver arrows” from Audi and Mercedes-Benz, you have such legends come up with! Well at least one.

20 August, Infiniti will roll out on California contest elegance in pebble beach single sports car open wheel, made in the spirit of post-war racing cars, but filling it will be a modern, power plant — electrical. No details are available yet, the developers have published only two intriguing pictures, which shows a small wind whistle and electric motors on the wheels, stylized like the old drum brakes.

Consider retrokar in all its glory is being released very soon, and invented nissanaltima marketing technique — turning to alternative history — may well adopt the same Acura and Lexus.

  • In July, Infiniti has a new chief designer — he was a canadian of Lebanese descent, Karim Habib, previously worked at BMW.
  • Recently on the Internet there was a rumor that Infiniti production collapses sporty QX70 crossover, but it was later revealed that the production of this model for the Russian market will continue.

Photo: Infiniti

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