Infiniti QX80: new is a slightly updated old

Andso, another couple of years to extend the life cycle of the current generation which has already turned eight children. The rejection of a major upgrade QX80 Infiniti President Roland Kruger explained simply – there is simply no need. They say that the machine is sold: in 2016, it was sold more than 20 708 kostovarov, which accounted for almost 9% of all global sales of Japanese premium brand.

The updated QX80 exterior designed in the style of the March of the concept Infiniti Monograph – larger grille, different bumpers, new led optics, as well as other rear lamps.

The interior changes are more modest: a few fresh options for leather trim extra inch LCD monitors for second-row passengers in the headrests of the front seats, as well as improved noise and vibration isolation of the cabin.

As for the technical stuffing, here the Japanese in General did not change anything – no good deed goes unpunished. Familiar petrol “aspirated” V8 volume of 5.6 liters still produces 405 HP and is matched with a 7-band “automatic”. Drive — rear or full.

Updated competitor of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Lexus LX already went on the conveyor and will go on sale in key markets before the end of this year.

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