Infiniti will see a large virtual display

The company plans to increase the size of the touch screen and transferred to him most of the control functions of the car.

Vice President, product strategy, Infiniti Francois Benson announced plans to create an entirely new infotainment system, scheduled for release vehicles of the next generation in 2021.

Promised to increase the size of the main touch screen on the centre console to create a full-touch control on a single screen. This may mean that your current installation of dual display can be combined into one giant screen with a virtual delimiter that separates the function.

Such a long development in the company explain that it’s not just a change of handle design, and serious recycling technology and interior design, reports Motor1. And while the existing system in 2019 will update and make the graphics more clear, connect Internet, and also have good integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Apparently, the new development will only appear on new generations of models Q50, Q60 and Q70.

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