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Is it always worth staying on a wave of DPS? Yes, but no!

It is better to stop. However, there are other situation.Elena Starikova

The situation when the employee of traffic police stops the car, seemingly just so, causing outrage among many drivers. Most often the reason is simple verification of documents. Many of us, of course, in a loud voice I want to state that verification of documents is fixed positions is prohibited, and indeed it was… but then “remark”: the Order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia from August 23, 2017 N 664 approved a new Administrative regulation of the traffic police of the Russian Federation.

As a result, the inspectors had the opportunity to check the documents and out of stationary posts. The right provided by paragraph 84.13 Administrative regulations. I look and see:

84.13. Verification of documents for the use and operation of the vehicle, the vehicle documents and the cargo

Well. For example, the inspector has an internal limit, but you as a driver, guided only by the SDA. And in paragraph 2.1.1 “General duties of the driver”, according to which the driver should have at itself and on demand police officers to transfer to them to check:

  • driver’s license or a temporary permit to control a vehicle of the appropriate category or subcategory;
  • registration documents for the vehicle (excluding mopeds), and in the presence of a trailer and on the trailer (except trailers to mopeds).

As you can see, inspector, inspection documents, and the driver, transmits them to check, obey the letter of the law. And we will certainly recommend you to stay at the request (otherwise you risk the part 1 of article 19.3. “Disobeying the lawful order of a police officer”).

But in rare cases — for example, when you inhibit the inspectors on a deserted and dimly lit road, that is, there is reason to believe that you’re not the real police – it is wiser to sacrifice a thousand rubles in their own safety. Pursuit “with flashing lights” the lzheinspektorov unlikely to organize.

Importantly, do not forget after that, immediately call 112 and report the incident to the duty officer. Explain that this section of the road you wanted to stop people in the form of traffic police, but I doubt that it is really a COP. A recording of the call will be the proof that you have not ignored the request of the inspector, and decided not to expose his life and the lives of passengers at risk.

  • How to distinguish real police from fraud, read here.
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Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

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