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Is it possible to adjust to the crossroads? Test yourself

Another question that most motorists will not be able to give a definite answer. And if so, let’s again look at the Rules of the road.

First recall the General concepts embodied in the road “of the Constitution”, that is the SDA. In particular, in section 1, “General provisions”:

Rebuilding — the departure of the occupied bandwidth or their number while retaining the original direction of motion. Lane — any of the longitudinal strips of the carriageway, marked or unmarked, and having a width sufficient for the movement of cars in one row.

Recall that the width of the lane according to current standards should range from 3 to 3.75 meters. While the SDA does not prohibit the movement of vehicles in two rows on the same page, unless, of course, allows the width of this strip. Thus, the departure from their range, even within his band, also considered a rebuild.

Now about the main thing: in the current edition of the Rules of the road rebuild at the intersection is not prohibited. And, therefore, allowed. A simple example: the driver of a moving car suddenly (as often happens) remembered that he was at the intersection one should turn left, put your Blinker on and stopped, you are rebuilt more to the right and continued straight. There is no violation. Usually the problems arise from the fact that many drivers confuse rebuilding with overtaking.

Overtaking — passing one or several vehicles connected with departure on a strip (the side of the roadway), intended for oncoming traffic, and then return to the previously occupied lane (side of roadway). Ahead — the vehicle is moving at a speed greater than the speed of a passing vehicle.

That is, if you are maneuvering went into the oncoming lane, then your actions are not overtaking.

But just overtaking at regulated crossings and at uncontrolled intersections when driving on the road other than a main, and at pedestrian crossings in accordance with paragraph 11.4 of the SDA is prohibited. Penalty — administrative fine in the amount of five thousand roubles or deprivation of the right of management by vehicles for the term from four to six months (part 4 of article 12.15 of the administrative code).

So if at the crossroads you meet the requirements for signs, markings (e.g., the movement of the bands) and your maneuvering is not connected with departure on an oncoming lane, you do not break. Just remember that when you rebuild you must comply with the requirements of paragraph 8.4 of traffic rules (the driver must give way to vehicles, moving in passing without change of direction. With the simultaneous rebuilding of vehicles, moving in passing, the driver must give way to the vehicle on the right).

In the form shown in the article picture shows an adjustable intersection. On it you can rebuild. If it were unregulated, the rebuild would not have been prohibited. Only in this case it is necessary to remember about the paragraph 14.1 of the SDA:

The driver of a vehicle approaching an unregulated pedestrian crossing must give way to pedestrians crossing or who are on the roadway (tram) to the transition

And paragraph 14.2 of the Rules:

If before unregulated pedestrian crossing stopped or slowed vehicle, drivers of other vehicles moving in the same direction, must also stop or slow down. To continue the movement permitted subject to the requirements of paragraph 14.1 of the Rules.

But despite the absence of a ban, I would still recommend to adjust only in extreme cases, because other road users have to keep track of at the crossroads of too much information (road conditions, signs, traffic signals, etc.) and additional “introductory” you will only complicate their task and, consequently, increase the risk of emergency situations.

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