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Is it possible to clean off the frost from the glass with a scraper? And from the body?

Weather anomalies, such as freezing rain, cover glass and the car body is a crust of ice. Understand how to clean the machine, so as not to scratch the glass and damage paint.

Immediately note that the glass of all modern machines “soft”. Scratching them can even regular wiper blades. Therefore, to avoid being put on the glass a deep scratch, for a start, kick start the engine and turn on heater. Let the cabin warm. And during this time shake the snow from the roof and the body of the car. With a warm glass to clean the ice off much easier. And he himself may go, if the crust is not too thick.

However, if time is running out and no time to wait until the machine has warmed up, then to clean from ice is convenient to use the car brushes and scrapers. But not any old broom or a plastic discount card. Very often, for lack of a brush many drivers to get the card and start it to scrape frost from the windshield. We get a lot of scratches, but to no avail. In addition, the cleaning process is very slow.

Ideally, the scraper should not be a full plastic, with a rubber strip. It will leave much less scratches on the glass, rather than solid plastic.

The ice needed to scrape, working the scraper in one direction. Avoid chaotic movements. Crystals of ice and particles of sand will inevitably scratch the glass surface. Over the years, it will be covered with many scratches, which will be pale in the bright sun and hamper visibility.

Therefore it is better to use the defroster glass. They are sold as sprays or in aerosol containers. Preparations melt the ice. Just clean water from the glass cloth.

The body of the ice scraper is better not to clean. So easy to scratch the paintwork of the car. Undesirable to wash the body with hot water. The temperature difference also adversely affect varnish and paint.

A thin skim of ice on the doors or hood do not affect visibility and safety. But when, say, the surface of the bonnet will heat up the ice with it down himself. So, once again to work with a brush is not required.

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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