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Is it possible to leave the dealership in the winter on summer tires?

Pulled out of the dealer showroom on a new car, shod not in season, we not only risk getting into an accident on slippery roads, but also break the law.Dmitry Tests Sergey Mishin “Behind the wheel”Smirnov Sergey “Behind the wheel”

The letter of the law

Already the third winter point of technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of wheeled vehicles” (entered into force on 1 January 2015) prohibiting in the winter to drive a car on summer tyres. From December to February it is permissible to drive only on winter tires. The local authorities may extend this period — taking into account climatic characteristics of the region, but reduce it can not.

The demand exists, but the punishment for failure is not established. In the state Duma for the second year gathering dust in a bill providing for penalties for drivers for the use of tires are not in season. If the deputies finally will be amendments to the administrative code will be approved the fine in the amount of 2000 rubles.

In fact

To the dealer the car is on summer tyres — and they are the same is transferred to the buyer. Year-round! In the winter we actually purchased a semi-finished product, which is out the gate of the dealership cannot be. What to do? To go home for the summer, risking to get in an accident, or just the shoes?

Often (but not always!) about pereobuvku care dealer, offering winter tires available. Often, taking advantage of the situation, asks for them more than a tire store. If you are lucky, you can get to action like “Buy a new car and get winter tires for free.”

Probably, we all remember that from 1 January 2015 prohibited in winter to operate the car on summer tires

Caring and indifferent

And are there any recommendations about winter tyres from vehicle manufacturers? We checked the websites of three dozen leading brands. Less than a quarter recommended for your cars specific winter tires.

By the models indicate that winter tyres only German company producing premium cars: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Renault and Nissan. For each given appropriate models of tyres of different sizes, speed ratings and load. The latest of the recommended tyres from the companies BMW, Nissan and Renault: for example, they include the new 2017 Nokian Hakkapeliitta Nordman 9 and 7.

Porsche recommends winter tires marked with N0, N1 and N2 on the sidewall. This tolerance, which get winter tires, have passed comprehensive tests. On some machines, with the exception of the Panamera, Porsche allows the installation of tyres Nokian Hakkapeliitta without such marking.

Company Citroen, Peugeot and Volkswagen only mention about winter tires, but without specific recommendations. And most of the rest — among them leaders of the Russian market of Hyundai, Kia, Skoda, Toyota, Ford — this is not even a hint: they are completely shift the responsibility for the choice of tires for the car owners.

Even more surprising that so far none of the native Russian automakers puzzled by compiling a list of recommended winter tires. We know that AVTOVAZ very carefully choosing summer tyres for their models. Certainly experiencing the winter. But for inexplicable reasons refuses to take the results to the people. Although there is a great role model — partners Renault and Nissan.

And how should it be?

Each automaker is required to publish a list of recommended winter tires for all their vehicles. To update this information should not less than twice a year without missing a tire innovations. It is very important that such a list was public, and the official dealers have to know it by heart. It not only enhances their competence and concern for the buyer, but also gives you the opportunity to make an honest buck.

Of course, the final choice had to be made by the buyer to buy tires to your liking or to put the recommended and be sure that they will not disappoint.

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