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Isuzu wants to collect the pickups in Russia. Why?!

After all the pickups we have one of the least popular classes of cars.Elena Alekseeva


Updated pickup Isuzu D‑Max: a new motor and other Goodies

After 2023, the Japanese carmaker Isuzu is ready to organize the production of its pickup trucks in Russia for the domestic market and for export, write “Vedomosti” with reference to General Director of “Isuzu” Rus Fabrice of Gorle. And we are talking about the production of a full cycle, the top Manager emphasized that “SKD Assembly for pickup trucks do not exist in principle”.

By this time annual sales of Isuzu pickups in Russia may reach 2000-3000 cars a year, on the assumption of a top Manager. This is despite the fact that since the beginning of this year sold a total of 439 cars.

“For Isuzu Russia — very important market. He has all chances to become in the future, the largest in Europe. Therefore, the company consistently invests in Russian projects,” said Horle.

However, the volume of investments into the project he is silent.

It is possible that the production will be organized in cooperation with partner Isuzu in Russia’s Sollers. They even have a SP, it was created for the implementation of special investment contract signed in 2018 with the Ministry of industry.

The class of trucks is one of the least popular in Russia, accounting for 0,5–0,8% of the total market.

  • D-Max appeared on the Russian market in late 2016. Sales of the updated pickup started in Russia in April 2019. The car has new headlamps and grille, in the top versions used led lighting. Car prices in Russia will start from 2 145 000.

Photo: Isuzu

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