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It’s time to allow pupils to helm — will not be worse!

At what age can you get right? Now 18 years old, but this issue is periodically discussed by the doctors, traffic police, insurers and legislators. Increasingly there are proposals to raise the bar to 21. “Behind the wheel” examined the arguments “for” and “against” increasing the minimum age of the driver.Vladimir Solovyov “Behind the wheel”

For raising the age issue in

The arguments of those who talk about the need to raise the age for issuance of a license, as a rule, are reduced to one statement. It, in particular, supports the chief psychiatrist of Russia Zurab Kekelidze:

“Up to 21 years at the person the instinct of self-preservation does not work. He has no sense of danger, so he doesn’t feel enough and internally feels, what it may lead”.

A very controversial statement. However, today in Russia the most important driving categories there are restrictions not only on age but also on the number of years spent driving. For example, to drive a bus, his driver may not be younger than 21 years, is in the first place. In addition, the driving experience should be not less than three years — is second. According to the law, persons whose driving experience is less than three years, do not even allow for training and commissioning on the rights of the category “D”.

In the Duma can be heard as a justification for raising the age for obtaining a driving license. They say 18-year-old, not learning to drive properly, driving. And the lack of good roads, coupled with the shortcomings of teaching in schools that leads to an increase in the number of accidents. As the age of the driver affects the quality of the roads, do not explain. And unless the road is not a result of inept management? By the same logic, if the roads are good, it is possible to do without training?

For some reason no one drew attention to the fact that if you raise the age for a driver license under 21, you risk to stop the whole army, which, as you know, the urge just 18 years old, — because then the idea of training of military drivers will be illegal.

Maybe it is better to reduce the age of the issuing authority?

It is necessary to give way to young. Young easier to comprehend the wisdom of driving, it is easier for them given the Rules and the theoretical and practical exams. Many great racing drivers started getting acquainted with a young Polish. Say that Schumacher got behind the wheel the map is almost at the age of four. Yes, there is far to go — the winner of the winter Race of stars “za rulem” 2007 was a 17-year-old Timur Sadredinov that, note down the skills more than one year before the landmark in his sporting career events.

To tell you the truth, I ride behind the wheel started with 13 years, with adults, of course. The first km was clocked at a child’s First highway. This was the third Sandy street in Moscow, where he visited the students from the fifth grade. In the July issue of “the wheel” For 1964 pupils of the track even appeared on the cover of the magazine.

I am convinced that the sooner people will sit behind the wheel, the safer you will be on our roads, the sooner we enter his flesh and blood not only driving skills but also with the notion of responsibility for compliance with the rules of the road for neighbors downstream, for life sitting in the car people.

Periodically, the interior Ministry examines the possibility of reducing the minimum age to obtain a driving license from 18 to 16 years. In the case of issuance of a license for young people 16 years of age for them to assume a number of restrictions such as a ban on travel on road with heavy traffic. At the same time to drive a car will be possible only in the presence of adults have a driver’s license. Such practice already exists in other countries, particularly European.

World experience

According to statistics, drivers in many countries younger. In the United States since the age of 14 are allowed to drive in the States of Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming, 17 years old are issued a driver’s license in new Jersey. To stimulate the sense of responsibility in a number of States and some other countries, such as Canada, Australia, for young drivers tougher penalties for traffic violation of the rules.

In 15 years of law to the Northern Mariana Islands and El Salvador. 16 in addition to the mentioned States of the USA behind the steering wheel allow you to get in many countries: Senegal, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Israel, Philippines, France, Iceland, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Isle of man, Macedonia, some States of Australia, New Zealand, GUAM, American Samoa, Estonia.

17-year-old threshold for obtaining a driving license is installed in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovakia, great Britain, Kosovo, Serbia, Fiji.

It seems that the ideas of the rights issue at the age of 21 anyone who wants to find a special way of development for the country, contrary to logic, the world practice and common sense.

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It’s time to allow pupils to helm — will not be worse!It’s time to allow pupils to helm — will not be worse!

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