IVECO intensify the presence in the road construction segment of the Ukrainian market

IVECO intends to become one of the leaders of Ukrainian market in the segment of equipment for road construction and mining industries. To this end, the company introduces to the Ukrainian market a new dump trucks IVECO Trakker 410 with the wheel formula 8×4 for heavy duty. Than the novelty will be interesting and how it differs from competitors? – understand our source.
IVECO Trakker is a special Construction series designed to operate in harsh environments. Gamma of performances here more than one hundred versions. But for the Ukrainian market IVECO has prepared a 41-ton dump trucks with lifting capacity of 30 tons with a body Gervasi volume of 18 m3.
In this combination the truck turned out to be one of the most affordable on the market and will cost 121 million euros. Besides, since August, IVECO beginning to offer equipment with special conditions of financing, where it is possible to fix the price in local currency at 7.2% per annum or credited in the currency of under 0.1%.

“Ukrposhta” will carry the correspondence on the vans IVECO Daily
In Ukraine presented the IVECO Daily with 8-step “automatic”

But, IVECO Trakker 8×4 will surprise and adaptation to the specifics of the work. So, the truck has a reinforced frame with a thickness of 10 mm, a reinforced front suspension with parabolic springs, while the rear truck has got a trapezoidal spring. The truck has a front axle load 9 t, and at the rear at 13 tons.

Additionally Trakker is equipped with a powerful skid plate, steel composite bumpers, mesh grilles on the headlights, hanging stairs, etc. Clearance with tires 38565R22,5 is 330 mm.

Trucks with 13-liter engine FTP Cursor with a capacity of 410 HP and torque of 3100 Nm.

IVECO is planning to increase in Ukraine sales of tractors in 2-3 times
In Ukraine have created a light truck with payload capacity of 3.7 MT

Standard are 16-speed gearbox ZF, but it is possible to order the version with “automatic machine” ZF Eurotronic.

For the first batch of trucks was chosen as the day of the cabin, but IVECO Trakker ready to match in any performance. By the way, the side cabin is equipped with a special footrest, and the top has a handrail, so that the driver can easily examine the body. Themselves body Gervasi also have ladders for ease of maintenance.

Drive axles IVECO Trakker 8×4 have the planetary gears and locking cross-axle and inter-axle differentials. Fuel tank – aluminum with a capacity of 300 l.

Ukraine has developed a new 19-seater bus on the chassis of IVECO
Ukraine has developed a new garbage truck on the chassis of IVECO

As noted in the “Iveco Ukraine”, for the first time on the Ukrainian market of trucks Trakker presented with bodies Gervasi. This is the official developer IVECO, which develops products in cooperation with engineers of the Italian concern. Body Gervasi releases for all conditions and various loads. For this batch was selected 18-boiler body in two types: with a rectangular cross section and semicircular. They are made of khardoks and have a wall thickness of the sides 5 mm, and the floor is 8 mm.

In addition, the sliding body is equipped with heat-resistant awning with manual transmission. To uncover and to cover the body in just 15 p. Cm. video.

The material allows you to carry hot asphalt without fear of damaging the awning.

For easy unloading of bulk cargo in the container, the back body are equipped with an additional visor that can be either permanent (semi-circular bodies) or removable (for rectangular). For winter conditions Gervasi offers a heated body exhaust gases, though it is available in both vertical exhaust and horizontal. Both designs are represented in Ukraine.

In Ukraine have created a unique delivery van Iveco
Ukraine has sold the first gas IVECO Stralis CNG

At the dealership AMACO emphasize that the IVECO Trakker 8×4 is already available on the site, in different versions and you can compare different configurations. Trakker dump trucks are now one of the most affordable in the market among the European brands, but taking into account the special conditions of financing – also great for shopping.

Besides equipment for road and construction industries, IVECO began to actively offer and dump trucks for work in quarries. Order Trakker is available with a wide range of engines and different bodies. In addition to Gervasi, IVECO offers traditional and body Cantoni which are already known in the Ukrainian market, as well as any add-on in other European manufacturers.

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