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“IZH-Saturn” is one of the most rare cars of the Soviet Union

The Saturn project, born in 1990, our Saturn is irrelevant.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

On the grille of this sedan is adorned with the emblem IZH, framed by a ring of Saturn. No wonder the car received the nickname “IZH-Saturn”.

It was an ordinary Moskvich‑408, and in fact is one of the rare domestic cars era of the sixties. Debut model of the Izhevsk plant produced about a year, and its principal difference from the capital machines became Ufa motor. The gear lever moved from the steering column to the floor.

Even the owners boasted all-wave receiver, who was able to take even short wave — then it was very cool.

Total released four thousand such “Saturn”.

Unusual facts from the history of technology Michael Kolodochkin collecting for many years. For example, did you know why never went into the series Muscovite terrain?

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  • History of IZH-2126, the first and last car of the original design of the Izhevsk automobile plant, read here.

Photo: from archive of the author

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