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Jaguar E-Pace was in the Guinness Book of records by making the “barrel”

New model of Jaguar — a compact crossover E-Pace introduced the night before, but she has managed to get into the Guinness Book of records, making aerobatics in the air.

Jaguar E-PaceJaguar E-Pace

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Jaguar E-PaceJaguar E-Pace

A new compact crossover Jaguar E—Pace has not even gone on sale, and already got into the Guinness Book of records. A professional stuntman Terry Grant’s car flew into the air, where he performed one of the aerobatics — barrel roll, that is, the coup 270 degrees along the longitudinal axis.

The first thing that comes to mind for comparison, a similar stunt from the James Bond movie “the man with the Golden gun”. But there is a stunt performed this piece on a specially prepared oil-caret AMC Hornet.

Representatives of “Jaguar” noted that by itself the implementation of “barrels” on the car is a complex exercise, and the fact that it was done on the crossover, “emphasizes not only the professionalism of the driver and the maneuverability of the car”.

  • Crossover Jaguar E—Pace will appear in Russia. We visited the presentation of the novelties and share all secrets about her.
  • Jaguar is not the first time enters the Guinness Book of records: in 2015, the crossover F—Pace performed a loop. By the way, driving that car was also Terry Grant.

Photo: Jaguar

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