Jaguar Land Rover will teach drones a heavy off-road

Nad a project called CORTEX, the British automaker will work together with specialists from the University of Birmingham and Myrtle AI company, specializing in computer training. The basis of design is the creation of “five-dimensional” matrix of sensors of acoustic signals, radar devices, video system, as well as the recognition sensors of light and distance.

The forecast system will be able to collect and collate a variety of data, including atmospheric pressure, humidity, and lighting level, on the basis of which will be determined by weather conditions.

The information obtained will be analysed in real time, then artificial intelligence of the drone will make the right decisions. Thus, the electronics can pre-set the optimal settings of the brakes, the engine, transmission and traction control, engine cooling and window wiper. In addition, in case of rain, the system automatically closes the sunroof and Windows, and in the heat and bright sun and accordingly adjusts the climate control and change the light transmission of an electrochromic glass.

The developers claim that the technology of CORTEX will be able to guarantee “absolute permeability in the mud, in the rain, on ice, on snow and in the fog.” The CORTEX project budget is 3,7 million pounds sterling (about 4,9 million dollars).

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