Jeep-sprint: an Unexpected outcome

On themain “combat” action in the final of the 4th stage of the National series at the jeep-sprint Ukrainian Raid Series unfolded Sunday on forest roads Aleskinsky Sands. ‘Chumats’ka Krynytsia’ consisted of a 30-kilometer circle, held by participants from the Sport competition 6 times, 5 — Tuning-ohms, and twice in both directions in standard-e, where crews go by serial technique.

After the first round and the already loose sandy roads seriously rasilis, and despite the smaller distance for the crews of “Tuning” and “Standard”, Aleshkovskie Sands for many was insurmountable, becoming a stumbling block for some of the participants of the “Sport”.

With the fourth victory in four races Kuznetsov and Evtuhova more than confidently became the first ever winners of the National series at the jeep-sprint Ukrainian Raid Series.

In the drivers ‘ championship ahead of Nicholas Oleg Fonareva, whereas the second among co-drivers according to preliminary estimates was Andrey Solopov, who spoke first, and Fonarev, and then Polycomm Jr.

In two other classes like this intrigue did not happen. If the “Sport” of the 8 starting teams left the three, the “Standard” of the three before the finish got only one winner! They became Leonid Protasov, who was assisted by Vladimir Cebotari.

At the same time, speaking at brand serial VW Amarok, Protasov came on the heels of the peleton “Sport”, showing times in the 6-7-th in the absolute classification. Moreover, the first “parallelise” a seasoned veteran and became third ahead of most pilots, the speakers on a much more powerful and “toothy” technique!…

In the “Tuning” where we started five crews, Nicholas Britain with Valentine Myasoedova “gave” rivals only the first round. At year-end in the “Tuning” won Britain with Myasoedova, whereas thanks to the “silver” at the final stage of a father and his son Gusi came at once from 4th to 2nd place, ahead of not started in this time Vadim Bever with Maxim Maltacom.

Nicholas Britan and Valentine are meat eaters

Despite skipping the final stage, due to the previously conquered two victories and one second place first the “Standard” left Igor Machulin Vitaliy Grebenyuk. Protasov with Chebotar with two victories in two starts has consolidated its second place. Despite the disappointing gathering at the end of the race due to electrical malfunction on their “Field”, Vitaliy Lemets with Alexander Chernyak remained third for the year.

Vitaliy Lemets with Alexander Chernyak

We can say that the first season of Ukrainian Raid Series was completed on a positive note – a difficult and at the same time bright race.

The following year, one of my favorite all Aleskinsky Sands of the participants and their fans waiting for new tracks, show-component and more… it should be recalled that to start a Raid Series in Ukrainian can be anyone, because in the classification of the “Standard” you can speak at a normal “civilian” technology.

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