Jose Mourinho earns build Jaguars

F > ormalno, the visit of Jose Mourinho at the automobile factory is that it was 100-thousand buyer sports crossover Jaguar F-Pace. But we suspect that the Portuguese is not enough its multi-million football salary. That is why, immediately upon arrival at the plant, Jose was wearing a working uniform and rushed to the conveyor to collect the new crossovers.

“For me it is an amazing experience. I visited the Jaguar factory and saw all the cars, technology and hard work of the staff, which is praiseworthy,” said Mourinho.

Apparently, due to the fact that the head coach of the British football giants Manchester United is distracted by non-core for the job, his team and lost in yesterday’s match middling Basel from Switzerland.

Mourinho previously passed courses of extreme driving from JLR, which took place in the Arctic circle in Sweden, where he learned to drive on ice frozen is a 60 km long lake.

Jose Mourinho “skated” on the ice the Jaguar F-Pace

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