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Just didn’t give way: a massive fight, 10 dead

The rioters seized two hunting rifles, two guns and 54 Molotov cocktails.Elena Alekseeva

On the evening of 7 February, almost a thousand residents of Kordai district of Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan became participants of the mass brawl. The interior Ministry at a press conference said that the reason was the usual road conflict: someone someone didn’t give way.

“Some of them went on the road right — three, three for heavy-duty machine at this moment left home on the road. Someone someone didn’t give way. As a result, as usually happens, from words proceeded to blows on the spot”, — RIA Novosti reports the words of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Alexey Silicide.

Information about the incident quickly hit social media, causing a stir among young people. Domestic dispute instigators managed to translate “in the inter-ethnic plane.”

The participants of the fight, actively resisted the police officers and used metal objects, stones and firearms. In a mass fight ten people were killed and several dozen were injured, including five police officers.The rioters seized two hunting rifles, two guns and 54 Molotov cocktails, reports RT. During the riots and arson damaged more than 30 houses, 15 stores and 23 car.

Arrested 50 people in Zhambyl region introduced a state of emergency, the newspaper reports Tengrinews.

The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev said today that now the situation in the area of the mass brawl stabilized the situation thoroughly investigated, those responsible for the escalation of the conflict will be prosecuted. The chief of the police Department, and the head of the police Department of Korday district will release from office for inability to cope in the situation.

It is reported that the police were afraid to use weapons, as the conflict happened in the village during the night.

  • Russia has proposed to introduce badges for drivers who observe all traffic regulations.

Photo: AP/TASS

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