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Kia Rio on the secondary: choose the best option

“Koreans” sold hundreds of thousands, and among them a lot of fresh cars with low mileage. Expert “Behind the wheel” reviewed the history of Rio and revealed all its strengths and weaknesses.Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

Rio the third generation was released in St. Petersburg, adapting for Russia the Chinese version. The car has consistently been among the bestsellers of our market; sold in sedan and five-door hatchback. Restyled 2014 spoke design and equipment.


  • Low prices, including repair and maintenance.
  • Reliable and economical motors are designed for AI‑92.
  • Decent equipment, an attractive interior, capacious trunk.


  • The paint coverage is thin and fragile, corrosion of the body (except roof and pillars) makes dip galvanized.
  • Stiff and bumpy suspension.
  • Weak head light.
  • Tall in the back seat uncomfortable — not enough space for legs, the top presses to the roof.

The back row of the spacious sedan only for passengers of small dimensions. Pretty big crowding the roof and the backs of the front seats.The back row of the spacious sedan only for passengers of small dimensions. Pretty big crowding the roof and the backs of the front seats.


Motors 1.4 (G4FA, 107 HP) and 1.6 (G4FC, 123 HP) — next-of-kin, the larger volume is achieved by increasing the stroke of the piston. The timing — chain and long-lasting.

Hydraulic lifters there, so every 90 000 km need to adjust the valves. Deadly diseases for engines not seen. Of an oil leak (for example, via the crankshaft) or antifreeze to happen, but rarely. Engines 1.6 with solid runs inclined to the active maslaguru — watch the oil level.

The resource of engines with a good service go for 250 000 km. Both love gasoline, a thorough warm up (especially in winter) and cleaning the injectors (this will resemble an unstable idle speed). Tapping, clicking, chirping — in most cases, staff working sounds.


Originally the car was supposed 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. When restyling 1.6 motor received new units — 6-speed manual gearbox and automatic gearbox. All the boxes are renowned for high viability and damage did not suffer. Among the virtues — the presence of classic slot machines. Such boxes are more credible than self-willed robots and variable speed.

Minor problems (like leaking seals) traditional and large occur, as a rule, mileage 150 000 km Reasonable for all transmissions seen regular oil change every 60 000 km or more often — to clean the units from debris.


  • The resource Converter is unpredictable. If it fails ceramic baby kills the motor. Often, the catalyst is removed from the exhaust tract preemptively.
  • Bad roads accelerate wear of the stabilizer and bushings (sometimes need replacement at 20,000 km), wheel bearings (30 000 km), dorestaylingovyh steering rack (60 000 km) and the cardan shaft, steering shaft.
  • Hinges all doors quickly collect dirt and start to creak. Heavily jammed, “Matt” windscreen is found on dvuhletki too soft material.
  • Not very reliable electrics: sometimes deny the turn signals and power Windows, burn out the heating elements for the seats and mirrors.

IMPORTANT! Many Rio was in the taxi. When choosing a double check of the owners in title and avoid the legal entities, compare the declared mileage with total attrition (wear) of the cabin.

Euro NCAP: 2011, hatchback: five stars. Driver/passengers — 92%, child — 84%, pedestrians — 46%, system security assistance — 86%.

The most popular offer on the secondary: Rio 1.6 automatic gearbox

OPTIMAL CHOICE: Rio 1.6 gearbox or automatic gearbox

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Photo: Kia

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