KIA Stinger: Playing on the feelings

Pbefore you the fastest Kia in the brand’s history, with the most powerful motor, which is today the Koreans. The vehicle’s name can be translated as the FIM-92 American MANPADS. One of the most popular on the planet, with the global ammunition 70 thousand missiles “ground-air”. And stinger is a “sting”, if we translate into English, but not in the military. And in the case of the Stinger the car every translation correct in their own way.


It is known that the Blues comes out, when a good man bad. And Stinger it turns out, if the good man fails to realize his dream. More precisely, even two good people. One of them is a designer by the name of Gregory Guillaume, the second – a sports engineer named albert Biermann. In my opinion, they did for the Stinger more than the other, and I undertake to explain why.

A massive rear rack made himself unforgettable profile of the car. Feed looks even and solid, but not heavy.

Gregory Guillaume once in his youth met the Maserati Ghibli, and you can’t forget. And when the Koreans asked Gregory to paint a real GT, that is Gran Turismo, he expected portrayed Ghibli. Not entirely, and in particular, which was the C-pillar. But the importance of this detail is difficult to overestimate. As in the case of the Maserati Ghibli, the stand is made vivid and memorable the profile of the car, and the food looks even and solid, but not heavy. It seems that the designer has managed to fall in love very, very right.

Massive slits for air in the bumper and the hood adds face Stinger aggression and hint at the brutally powerful lungs.

Front same Stinger came out a real predator, what tells him to be himself, Peter Schreier, main artist Kia. The similarity lies not only in the characteristic signature grille outline, resembling a tiger’s nose, but also in the design of the entire front. Massive slits for air in the bumper and the hood adds face Stinger aggression and hint at the brutally powerful lungs.


Hints do not deceive you: under the hood of the Stinger breathes a 3.3-liter V6 Lambda II T-GDi, with the help of a couple of turbines. It is the most prominent motor Korean brand, which develops power of 370 HP and torque of 510 Nm. Maximum speed – 270 km/h, acceleration to hundreds – of 4.9 seconds. None of the Kia were not as fast and powerful as a Stinger with this motor.

Under the hood is visible the efforts of developers to increase the rigidity of the body. The 3.3-liter engine is just gorgeous.

Two-liter engines, petrol and diesel, alas, are deprived of a car title the best. First, despite great by themselves, 255 horsepower, compared with the 3.3-liter V6 frankly boring. And diesel actually designed for Europe and we will not fall for any scenario. Although the visit of the Stinger in Ukraine is like a little miracle: while specific terms of importer and manufacturer not known, limiting philosophical “wait and see”.


On the issue of direct competitors Stinger Korean marketers, without batting an eye, say no. This, however, did not prevent Koreans to compare the stinger with the BMW 3-series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class dimensions of the body and interior space. Of course, the Stinger won. Largest wheelbase – 2905 mm – he was ahead With a-Cool 65 mm, and the third series played all 85 mm. the Second row of seats Stinger suggested by 21 mm larger over the heads of passengers than the BMW 4-series, and by 67 mm larger than for their feet.

Simple, but very well-designed cockpit: no claims to ergonomics nor the to finish.

Indeed, the rear is very spacious. And the seats are comfortable, with a properly chosen inclination of the back. Here the pads are low: baleni riders hang in the air. Not critical, but not perfectly well. But the front still perfect. The driver’s seat in addition to standard movements, allows to adjust the degree of lumbar and lateral support. All adjustments – electric.

On the control panel to classic seamlessly intertwined with modernity: the arrow pointers are combined with a huge 7-inch color display for the trip computer located between the speedometer and tachometer. It is, however, in the maximum configuration – by default, we are talking about the monochrome 3.5 inch screen. The Central 8-inch display on the console, surprised by the incredible number of angles from which he is ready to show a video, remove the external cameras – this abundance usually found in premium SUVs. Is a top view, front and back, both of the latter can be extended in a side view. Apple Car Play and Android Auto? Well, of course!

The dashboard combines the old hands and the big screen. Informative and just beautifulGill ventilation in the form of air turbines. Nice and easy, since the deflectors can be turned in different directionsDisplay surprised by the incredible number of angles from which he is ready to show a video, remove the external cameras.On the console, in addition to sockets, ports, AUX and USB, provides wireless charging for the smartphoneselector to the 8-speed gearbox in the test car looks more modest than in the pre-production. Just behind the selector switch driving modesOn the second row socket, USB port and additional climate zone. And the same “impeller”is Provided and heated and ventilated front seats. Both functions are one key

The console topped with three kruglyashi vent deflectors, made in the form of air turbines. Beautiful and practical, because the “nozzle” can be rotated in different directions, like advanced fighter aircraft, the me thereby the direction of air flow.

However, the pre-production version of the Stinger (ZR, 2017, No. 4) aerospace in the cabin was, I think, more. Thus, the machine selector in the form of an elongated cylinder resembling a lever engine control in the aircraft, perfectly in harmony with the “turbines”. In the test car, the selector was different: comfortable for the hand, but absolutely trivial in appearance.

The driver’s seat is very comfortable. Allows to adjust the degree of lumbar and lateral support. Adjusting electricallythe Only claim to back seat: the cushion is low, because the knees of the riders hangs in the air, the Trunk volume 660 liters (SAE) or 406 litres (VDA). If you fold the rear seat, you will get more 1100 l for both systems measureAll brakes – ventilated disc. Front mounted 4-piston Brembo calipers

But the comfort of the riders do not lack. Three-zone climate control, heated and ventilated front seats. The wheel can also be warm, but that’s nothing new: a similar function and offer a much more affordable model Kia. But the ability to stay in your lane – while infrequent skill. But the Stinger it is, and the system works very nicely. Intervenes only after making sure that the driver really catches the Raven.


Albert Birman who is now responsible for driving quality Kia and Hyundai, this year 60 years old. And exactly half of them he loved BMW. And very quick: Birman served as the big boss at BMW M GmbH, worked directly M3 and M5.

It seems that the past years of work on the BMW the love of the engineer to the Bavarian machines faded – due to the policy of high authority. Such a conclusion can be drawn from unusually bold statements Birman made at the presentation of the G70 Hyundai this year. In an interview with Australian journalists, somehow whitereplica to touch the sore spot of the engineer, he did not hesitate in “the compliments” of the German competitors – all combined.

Acceleration to a hundred in 4.9 seconds- just one of the advantages of Stinger. He knows how to be comfortable on normal roads and is ready provocatively revenge tail on the track.

“Our new Kia and Hyundai are up to 30,000 kilometres of testing in Namyang, with all the unimaginable potholes! Plus another 10 thousand km on the Nurburgring. And most of the competitors are now reduced program with 10 thousand km up to 8 or even 5 thousand, some do nothing at all!” – outraged Birman old school. He added: “we have no air suspension or active stabilizers, or God knows what more active. Camera, feeling the road – it’s all rubbish. But we have a strong platform, tons of high-strength steel and adjustable dampers. And that’s all!”

All this was enough to build a cool car with excellent handling, filigree on most of those tests, which boasts Biermann. Despite the fact that the design of the Hyundai G80 (nee Genesis), which became the basis of our hero, was a bit simplified: instead of a front suspension double wishbone Stinger got racks MacPherson.

The decision was made to transition Alberta Birman Korean company. But the Maitre, it seems, still something to configure. As he said, Birman easily without air suspension and active stabilizers. Had the all-wheel drive system with thrust vector control, adjustable shock absorbers and limited slip differential. Stinger may be a rear wheel drive.


It is worth noting that the dismissive attitude of albert Birman to the auxiliary electronics did not touch the cabin. The pilot of the Stinger can count on the most complete set of modern wonders – from the system of traffic sign recognition and blind spot monitoring to projection display and wireless charging smartphone. There is even a function launch control, which helps to “shoot” to hundreds in the same 4.9 seconds.

But the breed Stinger feel before rolled out on the race course. Exemplary efforts on the pedals and steering wheel. The precision with which the big car responding to his movements. Velvety, low bass from under the hood – in short, if I was blindfolded, I’d decided that I was going to “German”. And not cheap, and at least fifty thousand euros. And Yes. I am sure that I hear the Stinger echo the driving BMWs!

With all of this car is quite suitable for everyday use. The ability to see surrounding obstacles to almost any angle when Parking we have already spoken. We will mention more Auto Hold handbrake – it ensures that Stinger will not roll forward or backward, you take your foot off the brake pedal. There are adaptive cruise control with Stop&Go function to facilitate the movement of traffic. They also had a chance to test the system FCA – it not only warns of obstacles on a course of movement, but also responds to them. I had to enable “rocket” to bring his long nose to the trunk creeping ahead of the car, in the cabin rang the alarming buzzer, and after a moment, the stinger himself slammed on the brakes. And stopped.

Smart mode switch Drive Mode Select, which the organizers offered to try on public roads, and really smart. Quickly adjusts the responsiveness of the car under the driver’s style. If not in a hurry, Stinger – like on cat’s paws. 8 speed automatic ZF switches without notice, reaction gas pedals pleasantly rounded. But just a couple of nimble acceleration, and the car is changing: the absorbers are clamped, the box switches later, and on the gas pedal, it seems now you can cut yourself. And I have not included the mode Sport +. Because the onboard computer is showing me an average consumption of 12.4 l per hundred.


“Please turn on the Sport mode +” — says the instructor. And, a little quieter, adds: “I personally recommend transfer box in manual mode”.

We Stinger – on the track. Small, without long undercarriage straight, but with a rather insidious ligaments turns. Supersports mode is just what we needed. It not just nourishes the metal body of the Stinger ozverinom and weakens the electronic leash system stabilization.

Sport also changes the damper settings, separately for front and rear suspension. The last “softened”, and all-wheel-drive Stinger gets playful rear-drive habits. Passion for drift – who would have thought! – the second “I” nature of this Kia. Turns sideways it is easier than you think.

Birman and his team knowingly thrashed Stinger at the Nurburgring. I like everything: evolving drift gently and easily controlled. Even the limit of patience of the stabilization system to completely shut down which cautious Koreans are not allowed to be commended.

Yeah, about the boxes the instructor was right. His recommendation I, however, followed only after the second round, having been convinced that racing battles the machine gun lacks the rate of fire. Just a little. But with the speed of reaction to paddle shifters all OK. Albert Biermann can be proud of this car. And Kia, of course, too.

Kia Stinger

Length/width/height/base 4830/1870/1400/2905 mm
Luggage capacity (VDA) l 406-1114
Weight/total weight 1826/2315 kg
Engine petrol, V6, 24 valve, 3342 cm3;
272 kW/370 BHP at 6000 rpm; 510 nm at 1300-4500 rpm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 4,9 with
Maximum speed 270 km/h
Fuel AI-95 l
Fuel consumption: urban/suburban/mixed cycle . n. d.
Transmission all-wheel drive; A8

We thank the company “Falco-Auto” for assistance in organizing a test drive.


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