KIA Stonic: the Bubbles in the head

Withthe first I did not appreciate a presentation video that showed reporters before the press conference. There are no harsh Scandinavian nature, which Volvo is keen to stress its solidity and naturalness of the materials used. No high speeds and gravel from the wheels, which Porsche shows off its sporty genes. There is almost no interior detail, thoroughness of preparation which are now like to show almost everything.

But there is a company of youth, which night long reckless rides in Kia Stonic from one party to another. However, a train on the crossover, I realized that the movie very accurately reflects its essence. After all, Stonic, as they say lovers party, “easy comes”. And quickly becomes a mother.

Korean without Koreans

Arthur Martins, Ivan Batard, Vittorio d Arienzo, David Labrosse – among the speakers at the press conference (they are co – authors Stanica) there are no Korean names, and no Korean. In the end I broke down and asked where it was. It turned out that in Korea. Time salibasic after my question the speakers, not without pleasure, said that Stonic – a purely European product, which is responsible for the company Kia Motors Europe.

And it all turns out. Kia is the only brand in the Old world, whose sales are growing steadily this is the eighth year in a row. Only from the beginning of 2017 Rio managed to “rise” in sales of 12.6%, Picanto – by 16.9%. Do not say anything about a Sportage, it is an icon about him, only “you” and whisper. OK, whisper: 207 thousand. That’s how much the Sportage already found their owners in Europe.

“Targa-style” bodywork becomes apparent only if its two-tone coloring. But it is an option. Stonic offers 20 exterior colour variety.

And Stanica chances for success. Under expectations of this kind, of course, laid a strong marketing Foundation. First, compact crossovers, or B-SUV – the fastest growing in the Europe segment. In 2010, he totaled 150 thousand cars in 2016 and 1 million 140 thousand, and by 2020, promises to grow to 2 million 70 thousand crossovers b-class people are increasingly transplanted with hatchbacks, compactview, and even with larger crossovers.

Secondly, in this segment – the low commitment of the buyer of a particular brand. Youth, which is designed compact crossovers are generally prone to denial and contradiction. Let mom went to the Honda HR-V and the Pope on Daihatsu Terios – who prevents me from going to a Kia? In General, the tradition here is almost irrelevant. For Kia, which came onto the European market later, its main players, this can be very useful.

A place under the sun

Stonic between the Sportage and its developers do not put equal sign. But put yourself Stonic between the Sportage and the Rio, alleging that the newcomer studied good in both models.

But if you look closely, the terrible Sportage in the formation of the baby almost did not participate. Unless ordered to stay away from earth, and thanks. The ground clearance is 183 mm – Stonic, indeed, roughly halfway between the Sportage and Rio.

It is a cozy and modern interior, and the resemblance with the Kia Rio is not evident. Solidly built.

However, the drive from Stanica front, and not complete. Particularly corrosive journalists interested in the reasons to send to Kia marketers. And they explained that buyers In SUV all-wheel drive is not needed. At least in Europe. For example, in 2011, a compact crossover with monodrive chose 69.9% of penetrating European buyers, and in 2016 – already 92%. If things go on this pace, a couple of years, you see, will see clearly 100%. So, the trend is obvious, and need to match.

From Kia Rio crossover borrowed much more: platform, equipment, elements of the dashboard. The same set of engines, the same vertically mounted rear shock absorbers, and hatch a new generation. However, the stands have undergone a serious upgrade: it’s got hydraulic stroke limiters of the rebound, the importance of which for our roads, especially in the provinces, it is difficult to overestimate.

But something Stonic even surpassed Rio platform. In clearance, volume of trunk (crossover – 352 l) and of course in appearance: she’s Stonica is quite remarkable.

Op, it’s a Targa-style!

But how, pray tell, can become notable in the most rapidly growing segment where today more than half a dozen players? And everyone is trying to be different, attracting the layman who branded mnogoletie who bumpers on the doors, the who, the legendary cross-country of their ancestors.

But Kia is banking on the simplicity of the straight line. First it spent most, perhaps, important non-Korean in a Korean company – Peter Schreyer, and it still works. The thing is, how to tip and where to spend.

Practical upholstery materials, beautiful design – but the back is flat and expressionless lumbar supportis a Simple but easy-to-read dashboard. There is a pointer instantaneous fuel consumption and the average turned out to 6.7 l/100 km– flight menu of the multimedia system is simple and intuitive. The display also displays an image of the rear view cameraOn the center console – two niches. Moreover, the upper gives special attention to the smartphone – its bottom is rubberizedoffering rear passengers – USB connector for charging gadgets. A small, but very importantArm, even shifted as far forward as possible, does not prevent to tighten the handbrake. Commendable!Rear seats have no complaints. As for your class, they are very nice and the backrest pleases

Stonic in the Kia line-pillars tilted too far back, emphasizing the length of the hood. And the line climbs above the rear edge of the doors to get the body, stylized under… Targa! However, this design hint becomes apparent only in the case of two-tone coloring.

For the body there are 9 colors for the roof – 5. Do not rush to multiply: it is not always the “top” and “bottom” combination is equal to the number of color marriages. For example, the roof grey Stanica can be red, black, orange or green. Top red crossover – black or white.

And if you order Stonic in a stunning yellow color, the roof can only be sacerdoti. But in General, it appears two dozen options for color variation, that too much.

New reading

Dashboard from Kia Rio centre console in the form of “controller” – from him. However, within Stonic is not perceived to be a clone of a hatchback. Just another form of torpedo and colored pads on the console, if not eliminate the feeling of déjà vu completely, or at least relegates it to the background level. I like tall, but not vertical landing and good visibility. Don’t really like the front seat backrests: flat, without a pronounced lumbar support. Actually, this is my only complaint about the salon, and the degree of its importance depends strongly on the shape of the rider. I think the larger uncle and aunt will be grateful to Kia for such chairs.

LEDs – only daytime running lights. But the headlights with the lensesSide mirrors with indicator lights for turning. Where do without them?Roof rails add to the crossover gloss and look good with two-tone bodywork, the Engine capacity of 1.4 l: lovers to buy a car for a long time and personally serve will appreciate the ease of access to engine from all sides ofthe Trunk more than the hatch Kia Rio – 352 L. the rear seat Backs fold almost flat floor

The cabin plastic is mostly firm to the touch, but pleasant to look at and not squeaky, the flaws of the Assembly is not seen. Upholstery materials – practical fabric and faux leather, look good. The second row seats – cushion of normal length and the backrest at the correct angle. Showed up in the gallery and USB connector for charging gadgets.

The ineffable lightness

“No, all cars only with the mechanics!” – smiles at me a charming girl, outstanding at the front Desk hotel in Berlin the keys to test Stoykov. Smile at her in response, but through force: the day before I injured my right hand. And immediately fell back on evolution as a monkey, not able to oppose the thumb rest. In fact, I’m worse than a monkey – nothing can squeeze in a sick hand. Be a passenger?

Before dutifully occupy the right chair, decide to try it, and… Incredible! I without tension change gear, holding the lever with only two fingers, pinky and ring. Very, very easy running. And while clarity does not suffer – always get in the right gear. And often need to get: closer to the evening on the streets of Berlin formed an impressive tube. Moving forward meter forced marches, for the hundredth time including the first, I heartily thanked the authors Stanica for humanity.

This virtue is shared by the clutch pedal: squeeze very easily, but remains informative. However, the machine for a crossover with a 1.4-liter gasoline engine will be a box start production in July next year.

German roads are poorly prepared for tests: any car they think the cradle, any suspension – a piece of engineering. But Kia Motors Europe did not hesitate to have a test route on the tarmac of an abandoned airfield – say, try, we have nothing to hide. So, the joints of concrete slabs, where long weathered asphalt seal Stonic overcame almost perfectly.

Pretty and easy to manage. With comfort Noah suspension and correct as to our realities, clearance – Kia Stonic has all the chances of success.

Can it “fly”? The city’s 100-strong engine in volume of 1,4 l allows you to stay at the pace of the flow, but on the unlimited autobahn makes to leave the left lane – the speedometer very imposingly reaches out to the maximum 170. Although in my opinion, more of an urban crossover sin and desire. Especially if he really asks about seven liters of gasoline in the city.

But if you want to reach hundreds of over 12.6 seconds, and in 10.3 – wait for the turbocharged three-cylinder 125-horsepower engine with a volume of 1 L. It also allows the crossover to accelerate almost up to 190 km/h. Liter Stonic has a chance to appear in Ukraine, but not earlier than next year.

And for those who does not cling to the left lane and not pretending to be Schumacher for a long time will not have to wait: Kia Stonic with 1,4 l engine is going to us in December. Apparently, it wants to be a good Christmas gift. And it very well may. Because ready to heat not only the front seats, but the steering wheel.

We thank the company “Falcon-Auto” for assistance in organizing a test drive


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