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Kostya Tszyu — about favorite cars, accidents, and autowork

Titled Russian boxer, world and European champion said “at the wheel.Of the Russian Federation” about the accident on the first Zhiguli, as the car carries on the wife, children and mother in law, and was discharged in Australia the penalty and an unlucky car thieves.


  • Born on 19 September 1969 in Serov, Sverdlovsk region
  • Driving experience: since 1988
  • First car: VAZ-2109
  • Favourite car: Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Driving style: calm
  • Dislikes: to be visible on the road

My first car

What was your first car? Guess! That’s right: “nine”. My dad was given in the queue. Cost about 300 thousand rubles then. The first instructor was the coach. He sat me down behind the wheel and ordered: “Go!” The rights I had, but I immediately moved. Confuse everyone, of course. And more than once. Once drove it out of town, at a distance of 16 km and… “ruined” it! On a country road in a narrow place where there was a cliff, tried to make a 180-degree turn, confused the brake with the clutch and rolled into the ditch! Started looking who can help out. But the car was old-old differed transmission from the classical, so the rear speed couldn’t find. Had to push, and then go forward. Dad stood, waiting. Saw me, gasped: “Well, finished off the car!” After a couple of months I passed my driving test and received them officially. Rode the car for about a year, then bought another again “nine”. It cost twice the price, because by that time the prices have changed and something has happened with the dollar.

My only accident

In almost 30 years of driving collision happened only once, and it is small. In 2001. Meals in the Bentley Arnage. Speed — 40 km/h. Turn left, take the lane. In front of me the pedestrian crossing and another incredibly old machine. Usually when I go driving quite a long time, some things work on a subconscious level. For example, see how to light up the brake lights, and stop. And here before me a machine, and nothing works! She just doesn’t stop. And I drive her right in the ass! But it so happened that he hit barely. Was not injured, but the Bentley repair cost about 30 thousand dollars. Not to say that there’s no blame. The drivers have a phrase: “I Drove in the ass — so guilty!” Always need to check their actions. I was a little pissed off, not tailgating, not feel the moment.

My first foreign car

The first foreign car appeared in Australia. In my opinion, Ford Laser. Sponsors donated. Liked the “nine”. The same shape and size. Then there was Lexus, and then moved to the Porsche Cayenne.

My car today

For me convenience in all spheres of life — goal number one, so now move on Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Machine, without which Russia can not do! First, I have a big family. Kids sit quietly. Everyone has their place. Wife and mother — in-law behind. Guests can be split into two vacant seats. Secondly, this SUV’s huge body, and there’s a lot fit. And thirdly, just used to big cars. Besides great that there is a powerful turbodiesel. And the machine is economical: in my opinion, 700-800 km on a full tank. Color black, invisible. Toyota is a very popular car, it can get lost in the crowd. In order not to attract attention, do not become “criminals.” There was a desire to get it engraved with his initials. But decided that it would be challenging. In General, for the price you pay, you get what you want. Nicknames. Do not indulge. For me it is a vehicle, not luxury and not an investment.

Before the land Cruiser was a Camry. Too easily it went. It was even easier because I can throw in any place, without worrying about what gets stolen, hurt. Even smash was not too bad! But the family increased in size, had from 7 to 9 seats, and the bus I wanted, so I had to switch to a more powerful machine.

My driving style

I am a calm driver. However, we have raced. I even had special rights. However, over and not updated. The competition took place in front of the Formula 1, and to participate in them, it was necessary to undergo training and to pass on the right. I learned from the pilots that make the “eight”. There were a lot of rounds of rolling to do accurately. Adrenaline — rife! When you go at a speed of 250 km/h on the straight, start over 200-250 meters to slow down, preparing for the long 180 degree, and then enter it at 120 km/h, there’s the adrenaline felt strongly. It was not terrible. I have the sense of self-preservation. Well, I have, when driving, always wear my seatbelt. After I drove at high speeds, two or three years have received huge pleasure when I could drive slowly.

My driver

Seven or eight years I had in Moscow was the driver. Five years ago, for family reasons he resigned. Had to sit behind the wheel. And then I realized that Moscow almost do not know. I have lived here for many years, sat in the back, gave instructions where to go, and even thought what streets brought me. When the driver left the main Navigator became my wife. She knows Moscow very well, but can’t drive — not friendly with the wheel. Gradually he began to understand. Especially now that the navigation system is perfect: set a course and go. Moreover, you can choose the best way of three to five options that you show. Of course, I get tired, when you’ve been driving 4-5 hours a day, but I don’t mind. Exactly. On the contrary, get pleasure from driving. As for Sydney, the city didn’t already know. Everything has changed, so behave the same as in Moscow: included a navigation system — and more!

My first penalty

Now the information about the offence comes to the phone, but before I was not punished. A couple of times were fines for speeding. He paid for driving on a bus line, because when I first introduced this system not just its rides. Now not breaking any rules at all. In Australia, where people drive on the left, in 20 years of living I have only had one penalty for violation of speed. Food Sunday morning on the highway. Three hours to the city. Empty, no cars. And my Bentley is offended when you go slow. Says: “Kidding me?!” Well, I have little to add. Little more than expected. I think somewhere 128. See: is a police officer. Stopped me: “You broke the rules”. As usual. In Russia, I would argue, and then did not. Said, “Yes, write me a ticket!” And there still exist points (points) the number of violations. For speeding more than 16 km/h is fine, in my opinion 250-300 dollars, and take three points. These points give 12 year. If during the year you spent, you lose the right. But if you got a ticket at the holidays, remove the double points. If you go unfastened or with phone in hand, the rights will lose immediately! Through the court and is very tough. But there is a small concessions: if your experience more than ten years, may appeal to the court. I decided that if you break the rules, pay now to receive the lesson.

My first thieves

Buying a Land Cruiser, I bought it expensive protivougonki. When the machine tried to steal, I immediately reported it. It was like this: two minutes after the call Manager is down, there is already a police. Glass is the machine broken, but the hijacking did not take place — protection four-speed. In General, the reinsured thoroughly. Made the most of all that you can. And because of this car. Now even put bullet-proof glass. Film special spent. Defended by the Supreme measure. And thanks to the hijackers got a garage.

Kostya Tszyu — about favorite cars, accidents, and autowork

Text: Eugene Zabolotskikh

Photo: the company-proizvoditeli and personal archives

Kostya Tszyu — about favorite cars, accidents, and autowork

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