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Lada Kalina for 400 000: what to choose?

Kalina of the second generation — the most simple and unpretentious car. Four hundred thousand asking for a fresh machine that does not require special costs to operate. Expert “Behind the wheel” tells, what problems might face the owner used Viburnum.Stanislav Panin “Behind the wheel”

Kalina 400 000? Something to think about! So many ask for fresh specimens with low mileage, in good condition. For the money you can even get a version of the Cross with a rich equipment.

Years of issue: 2015-2017 Engines: petrol, P4, 1.6 l (87, 98 and 106 HP) transmission: M5, A4 Drive: front

BODY type: quality paint coating and anticorrosion treatment tolerable. However, because of the failure of the front mudguards, the sills are heavily “peskostruy” and quickly begin to rust.

MOTORS: VAZ 1.6 engines are among the most reliable and unpretentious in its class. Serious faults do not suffer.

TRANSMISSION: 4-speed automatic Jatco has a simple design, it is reliable and does not cause much trouble. Mechanical box upgraded in 2015 and eliminate a number of childhood diseases. However, still is relatively rapid wear of the synchronizer rings in second gear.

CHASSIS: the suspension there are no weak places, except not the most enduring pillars of the front shock absorbers. All other components have adequate resource. Elements of the electrical amplifier is built into the steering column — feedback mediocre, but nothing is broken.

INTERIOR: the interior is fully consistent with the budgetary status of the car: cheap plastic and cheap same materials, the lack of sound insulation, a colony of “crickets” and other joys of life.

WANT to SELL: Kalina, being the product of the domestic automobile industry is in the cheapest budget niche segment and therefore are very liquid on the secondary. The most popular version with at least air conditioning.

SUMMARY: Kalina is a great option for those who need a simple and unpretentious car. It may seem unnecessary to pay 400 thousand for a used Fret because for the money you can pick up a good foreign car. However, this is a fresh car for reasonable money that will not be costly to operate.


Lada Kalina for 400 000: what to choose?Lada Kalina for 400 000: what to choose?

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