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“Lada sedan-eggplant” is back: the author is in the finals of “the Voice 6”

The First channel has ended the sixth season of the musical show “the Voice.” It would seem that common between them and our portal? However, the link is still there!

Two years ago we could not pay attention to the famously growing the views in YouTube clip filmed by a group “Record the Orchestra.” A comic song was sung, in recognition of the soloist of group Timofey Kopylov to “fun”, and they were devoted to “seven” Lada color “eggplant”. Remember? Impressed by the success of the movie, we then found Timothy, and took him an interview.

This season of the musical project “Voice” 40-year-old philologist, German language teacher, massage therapist and a welder, Vladimir made it to the team of Leonid Agutin and have shown themselves worthy in the semi-final, performing the song “Bells” Andrey Sapunov and going further.

The finale took place on December 29.

The full text of the interview in which Timofey Kopylov remembers his first car, the principles that have guided their choice, and more, is available here.

Photo: the First channel

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